Xiaomi launches in the UK with the leading Mi 8 Pro


Today, Xiaomi's international expansion has done a lot with the first Chinese company in the United Kingdom. The year and the day after the introduction of a range of products in Spain, the European attack for Xiaomi is contributing to the UK, with which is the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Android leader and the opening of an authorized Mi Store at the Westfield Shopping Center in London.

Europe has proven to be very susceptible to Xiaomi's magnificent devices at penetrating prices. The company has 10 stores in Spain and operates in May and has expanded to France and Italy, and now it is one of the largest and hottest consumer electronics markets in the region.

I'm talking Verge before today's announcement Xiaomi pointed out that his first store in the UK will not only be a pop-up shop, and will not only be there to serve Mi 8 Pros. Mi 8 Lite, which was monitoring 8 Pro when it started in September in China, will also travel and Xiaomi plans to offer a wide range of ecosystem products such as Mi Band 3, Mouse We computer, headphones, headphones, laptop, pen , various backpacks and luggage, an electric scooter and a projector. If you want to think like Chinese Muji, Xiaomi will not mind.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is a gadget that earned some loyalty in its launch, mainly due to its appearance. On the front, its notch is similar to the sound of the iPhone X, while one of the color options around the back is a transparent shell that shows the shutdown of the components of the smartphone. Xiaomi says that the components are real – which means that if you decide to get them out of the phone, they will probably be functional. However, they are not the real Snapdragon 845, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of memory that make up the specification of this phone's release in the United Kingdom. They are buried inside, while Xiaomi just adorned the exterior with additional silicon for a strong techie (if somewhat fake) look.

The pressure sensitive fingerprint reader is the ultimate novelty with the Mi 8 Pro. This phone combines OnePlus 6T and Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which offer a fingerprint scanner built directly on the OLED screen, although each manufacturer seems to have a slightly different approach to the operation of this emerging technology. Depending on the size, the Mi 8 Pro is relatively compact, with a 6.21-inch screen with a resolution of 2248 x 1080. It's still a big phone, but it measures 154.9 mm in height, making the touch less than today the most common design factor for large leading phones.

Xiaomi's experience of exceeding the boundaries of the Easter region has been paid out this year and is part of a wider effort by Chinese hardware manufacturers in Europe and elsewhere. Huawei started the year with ambitious plans to enter the US market with a partnership with AT & T, which the US government was hitting at the last moment. OnePlus also heavily expanded the UK mobile partnership for OnePlus 6T, and for the first time added support for the US-based operator Verizon.

In the United Kingdom, Xiaomi phones will be offered by the local Hutchinson group Three, which agreed earlier this year to promote Xiaomi phones in its stores in countries such as Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

At a time when the US phone market quickly loses its diversity in favor of the Apple-Samsung duplicate, it is encouraging to see OnePlus trying to fill the gap left by the ongoing struggle of HTC and LG, and it's good to see Xiaomi a little closer to the US.

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