Uber's yes, the call to break up Facebook, and more news


Uber made billions In their stock market debut, Facebook's criticism is coming from inside the house, and the death of climate change plans of presidential candidates aren't all that impressive. Here's the tech news you need to know in two minutes or less.

Today's Headlines

Uber's IPO is not about drivers; It was about them

This morning, Uber rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange to mark the company's biggest IPO over the past two decades. You might be asking yourself how does a company with a public history of missteps and yet not be profitable be worth $ 82 billion? Because uber's value is not only in the company itself; It is a self-driving force that hopes to drive.

Required for Facebook's breakup are getting louder

There isn't just private lovers, politicians, and frustrated Facebook users calling for Facebook's breakup; This week, one of Facebook's original founders, Chris Hughes, suggested the same in a bombshell New York Times op-ed. This is a bit different from previous attempts, not just because he was a former Facebook employee, but because he has been teaching a college-based village to help build the company.

Cocktail Conversation

The field of Democratic presidential candidate Hope is getting awfully crowded – more than twenty at last count – but few of them offer any substantive climate change policies. WIRED has a look at how those little plans actually stuck up there.

WIRED recommends: Mirrorless cameras

Your phone takes pretty pictures, but they are still pale compared to the quality you get when using a full-fledged camera. Then one of the reasons for getting one of Wired's recommended Mirrorless cameras lies. They provide a few advantages, such as no load sound, faster shooting, and auto focus. So if you're looking to achieve your photo game, we are breaking three of our favorites right here.

More news you can use

A UN Senator wants to ban videogame lute boxes aimed at kids.

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