The Galaxy S10 features a self-review camera, a fingerprint sensor on the screen


IN EVIDENCE The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be built into its own screen, both a selfie camera and a fingerprint scanner.

At least this is because of the infamous tipster Evan Blass, who tweeted on Tuesday (below) that the Galaxy S10 will be the first punch hole selfie camera in the camera – to adopt the recently designed "Infinity O" technology of Samsung.

Instead of the controversial note, a small hole in the upper left corner of the camera with a front side will appear on the screen.

If Blass's latest announcements are in cash, the Galaxy S10 will also be Samsung's first leading product, which will have a built-in fingerprint scanner. This will be an ultrasonic sensor, as available on the OnePlus 6T and Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

In second place, the tweet adds weight to early rumors that the S10 will be equipped with a triple back camera and Samsung's new "one" user interface that was at the top of Android Pie.

The Samsung Galaxy S10, which is expected to include standard, multi-layered and budget models, is due to be introduced for the first time on MWC next year, with the 5G model to follow in March.

27/10/18: Samsung will next year introduce three Galaxy S10 models, according to a report on Bloomberg.

Supporting previous forecasts by analysts Ming-Chi Ku, Bloombergthat the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus bundled an OLED-screen with "almost no frame" and a built-in fingerprint sensor. There will be no notch, a report is claimed, with the front camera visible and pushed under the screen.

Around the screen, the S10 will pack Huawei-rivaling triple cameras and there will be no 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom.

Samsung is also planning a "cheaper" version of S10, according to Bloombergwhich will not boast of the curved "edge" screen that has been featured in Samsung's phones since the 2014 Galaxy Note Edge. However, it could come with a fingerprint sensor "Depending on the cost", add sources.

And backing the recent rumors from Korea, the report claims that the Galaxy S10 will be the first Samsung 5G smartphone. The company is expected to talk with Verizon to launch the 5G version of the Galaxy S10 in the US, although it is unclear how the model will be offered here in Blighty.

The Bloomberg The report also released beans on Samsung's removable Smartphone smartphone labeled "Winner". Despite the speculation that the device could start at the Samsung Developer Conference next month, the company still decides whether the device will switch vertically or horizontally.

The device, which is expected to arrive as Galaxy X, will not have a fingerprint scanner due to "technical problems", but will provide users with an additional 4x screen that can be used when the phone is closed.

Of course, Samsung did not warn rumors, instead of saying in a statement: "We are constantly developing a portfolio of smartphones to offer our customers new and exciting innovations and experiences. At the moment, we have nothing to stake on future devices. to. "

12. 10. 18: Galaxy S10 could be the ultimate leading Samsung model that will keep the headphone jack 3.5 mm.

That's right ET News, which states that the Galaxy S10 is likely to retain the port, and Samsung intends to remove the headphone jack of the Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S11. Instead, the company will rely on a combination of the USC type-C phone connection and the headphone jack according to the report.

ET News does not say why Samsung would want to get rid of the headphone jack, but says the company, like other manufacturers, simply wants to save space for other parts.

3/10/18: The new report details the installation of a triple camera that Samsung will rotate on the Galaxy S10.

According to the report he sees SamMobile, The Galaxy S10 will be equipped with the same 12MP f1.5 / 2.4 variable lens aperture like the Galaxy S10, in addition to a "super wide angle" 16MP f / 1.9 lens with a 123 degree field of vision and a 13MP f2.4 aperture sensor.

The report concludes that the wide-angle lens will not have optical image stabilization and autofocus.

This triple-camera setting seems to feature on the model's highest specs Galaxy S10, according to SamMobile. In the "affordable" model, only one lens of the camera will be available, while the Galaxy S10 will have a dual-camera setting reported.

24/8/18: Samsung has announced it will launch four versions of the Galaxy S10.

Depending on the XML files that are hidden in the Android 9.0 update, they are detected XDA-developers, four devices are labeled "more than 0", "more than 1", "more than 2" and "more than 2 5G".

This is further complicated by recent rumors that Samsung plans to launch the 5G version of S10. According to online noise, this model will equip almost identical Galaxy S10 Plus specifications (or "more than 2"), but it will have additional sensors to ease 5G messages.

While leakage does not tell us much about devices, the XDA notes that all four handsets are likely to start with the next silicon from Samsung or Qualcomm (Exynos 9820 or Snapdragon 8150), while the 5G model is likely to pack the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 or its own Samsung Exynos 5100.

17/9/18: The Galaxy S10 could take care of displaying the 19: 9 aspect ratio in relation to the weighted reference values.

The HTML5test benchmarking tool released the results of the SM-G405F running Android 9.0 Pie. Although it is not confirmed that this model number is associated with the Galaxy S10, SamMobile reports that a 412 x 869 pixel resolution is displayed at the reference value, which is more than the 412 x 846 pixel resolution indicated for the Galaxy S9, indicating that the mysterious device joins Samsung's S-Series leading line.

While the list does not tell us much else, these numbers indicate that the Galaxy S10 could pack a 19: 9 higher display compared to the 18: 5.9 aspect ratio on the Galaxy S9. This is supported by recent rumors that the leading system will detect significantly reduced panels compared to its predecessor.

These weighted criteria become hot on the heels of DJ Koh, executive director of Samsung's mobile company, which confirms that the changes to the Galaxy S10 will be "very important".

Koh said in the Chinese media that the smartphone will become more than an incremental update over the next ten years – as the S9 S8 – added that the S10 will be available in incredible new colors.

10/9/18: The Galaxy S10 is supposed to be Samsung's safest smartphone, thanks to the extra 5G technology.

So says the Korean website The bellwhich reports that Samsung will release the 5G version of the Galaxy S10, which might look cheap on the iPhone XS. The report concludes that a model that has the same specifications as the S10 Plus will require "four to five additional antennas" from the current 4G handsets before it finds that "the price of the series may be the most expensive".

In addition to the added 5G modules and superb price tag, The bell reports that the S10 will display a 6.44-inch screen and, together with the S10 Plus – the first smartphone of the S-Series to be equipped with a dual camera on the front and a triple rear-camera camera.

Line S10, to be revealed at CES next year, will be able to free up "before and after March 5, when home mobile operators launch the 5G service," the report says.

28/8/18: Samsung will equip all three Galaxy S10 models with fingerprint sensor according to the report on Investor.

While in earlier reports it was suggested that the "entry level" model S10 be missed on the scanner, it is now reported that all three models will be equipped with on-screen technology.

According to the statements Investor, both top-of-the-line models will presumably have an ultrasound sensor for fingerprints on the screen, while at the entry level they will receive an optical sensor for fingerprints.

"The two top-of-the-line Galaxy S will be equipped with an ultrasonic optical sensor for fingerprint detection and the other with an optical fingerprint sensor under the screen," said an official from the display industry on the website.

An ultrasonic sensor, likely to be supplied by Qualcomm, will create a 3D cartographic fingerprint to scan user numbers so that it is more accurate than traditional scanners. According to the report, it does not affect lubrication, sweating or light.

An optical sensor that is "three times cheaper" than an ultrasound alternative, acts as a digital camera and captures a two-dimensional fingerprint image. It's not as accurate as the scanner chose to debut on two top-of-the-line S10 models, and will fight to scan your fingers if they're dirty, too wet or dry, or if there are external lights on the go.

25/7/18: Samsung is allegedly designing its own graphics processor, which will play a "brand new design" and could present the Galaxy S10.

News, first crushed Graphic speech and later confirmed by the reliable tip of the Ice Universe (below), claims that Samsung is developing an internal graphics processor that delivers "leading performance / watt" in simulations.

The GPU will play a completely new architecture that could work in all smart phones for supercomputers, according to analysts reported on the work.

"It's a really big thing – it's the first new graphics card in ten years," said Jon Peddie, Jon Peddie Research's leader.

Samsung's graphics processor could "bring it to Apple", added Peddie. "This design is so good it could be used in every platform – it's a function of their ambitions. If I were the owner of this, it would have been in everyone, including cockpits and supercomputers."

Graphic veterinarian, developed by Samsung novice dr. Chien-Ping Lu, a graphic veteran who previously worked with Nvidia and MediaTek, first appeared in the Samsung Exynos smartphone processor – a sign that he could circle in the 10th anniversary of Galaxy S10.

The company did not decide whether to allow the technology, according to the report.

20. 7. 18: The Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a significantly smaller background than its predecessor S9 compared to the latest rumors.

While the Galaxy S9 was quite a carbon copy of the Galaxy S8 in front of it, despite rumors that it would behave significantly smaller panels, Samsung seems to be rescuing these big upgrades for its tenth anniversary of the Galaxy S release.

According to the Twitter Twitter Ice Universe, the relationship between satellites and Galaxy S10 will be much better compared to S9. There is no word about specificity, but it is likely that Samsung will remove the bottom frame on the device to reach the ratio between the screen and the body about 90 percent.

At present, the Galaxy S9 has a ratio of impressions to body to about 84 percent.

In the accompanying tweet, Ice Universe also suggests that the S10 will offer improvements in the battery compartment and said: "If you use a more sophisticated SLP packing technology, then the battery is certainly greater than S9, and Samsung has said that it is trying to solve problems with charging speed . "

18. 7. 17: Qualcomm showed an early prototype of its ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, which was first to appear on the Galaxy S10.

According to Twitter's Ice Universe, Samsung will be the first to collaborate with Qualcomm's fingerprint scanning technology. CEO of Samsun Koh Koh, who says that the S10 will not accept optical fingerprint solutions, says "optical fingerprint can lead to a bad user experience."

Qualcomm's ultrasonic technology that tested it CNET, "uses sound waves to create a map of your fingerprint, the pressure pressure being reflected from the outline of your skin."

A technology that could mark the end of the physical button offers many advantages over optical scanners, a report warns. It can scan your finger if it's wet, it has a delay time of only 250 milliseconds, it behaves with a one-percent reject rate and only measures 0.15 mm, so it will not cause smart smartphones.

Qualcomm confirmed that technology will start to appear in smartphones in the coming spring.

17. 7. 18: Apple guru Ming-Chi Kuo turned to Samsung and announced that the Galaxy S10 will come in three sizes.

In the report he sees Business Insider, Kuo says he expects the Galaxy S10 to be available in 5.8in, 6.1in and 6.4in models – almost identical to the size expected by Kuo to make Apple's iPhone 2018 the future.

If we add weight to recent rumors, Kuo expects that the larger two S10 models will include fingerprint sensors on the screen and a smaller model that will include the fingerprint sensor on the page.

Kuo adds that Samsung will "aggressively" promote fingerprint scanning on the screen – probably because it is a function that Apple does not intend to include on its incoming phones.

Kuo predicts that Samsung could give 40 million Galaxy S10 phones this year, mostly both larger models – definitely the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus. Samsung could send 14 million to 16 million Galaxy Note 10 phones in the coming year, according to the report.

10. 7. 18: Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will contribute with five (five!) cameras, The bell reports.

Samsung plans to design three Galaxy S10s for 2019, saying that the Galaxy S10 Plus with the latest specifications should include the layout of the latest P20 Pro-triple-lens camera, similar to Apple's next iPhone X Plus .

Korean website Bell now reports that the successor of the S9 Plus on the front will install a dual camera that would enable facial scanning technology similar to Apple's ID face. Earlier rumors claimed that Samsung's simply-crafted iris scanner would replace the 3D-sensing camera on the next S10 line.

The report also has some more information on the setting of the triple lens S10 Plus, which should include a wide-angle lens, a telephoto lens and a new wide-angle lens with a 16-mm and 120-degree lens.

Standard Galaxy S10 (codenamed "Beyond 1") and models at the beginning ("Beyond 0") do not expect to offer such credentials for premium cameras. The S10 will offer the same installation with three cameras on the back, but only one on the front, according to the report, while "Beyond 0" will typically have standard two cameras – one at the front and one on the back.

9/7/18: Samsung plans a "budget" version of the Galaxy S10 that will not display the fingerprint scanner according to this The bell.

Adding weight to early rumors (below), a Korean website reports that Samsung is developing three versions of the Galaxy S10 with the label "Beyond 0", "Beyond 1" and "Beyond 2".

The bell states that while the latter are two top-of-the-line devices with fingerprint sensors that are screen-based, Beyond 0 will become the first "entry level" of the device in the Samsung S series.

This model will not display the fingerprint scanner in accordance with the report and will instead have a side-mounted sensor similar to that seen on Moto Z3 Play and Sony's old devices. If it is legit, it will be the first time that Samsung accepts such a positioning of the fingerprint sensor, with The bell it is likely that it is located on the right edge of the user's thumb.

The decision to exclude the fingerprint sensor in the Beyond 0 version, in my opinion, did not surprisingly reduce the cost.

The Fingerprint on Display (FOD) technology on the S10 series supplied by Qualcomm's chip is reportedly $ 15 for the module – seven times more expensive than Module 2, currently available in Samsung's leading phones.

26/6/18: Samsung plans to release three new Galaxy S10 devices next year, according to the ET News website.

The report, which lists "several industry officials involved in the development of the next Galaxy S series," claims that Samsung intends to follow Apple's footsteps, which are expected to launch three new devices this year.

According to reports, the first device, called "Beyond 0," will have a 5.8inch screen and a camera lens setting with one lens, similar to the current Galaxy S9. Beyond 1, which will also be equipped with a 5.8-inch screen, will also be added to this, but will take care of the upgraded dual-camera setup.

"Beyond 2", ET News claims to be packing a larger 6.2-inch screen, and is likely to come up with the Galaxy S10 Plus. It will also play a triple-lens camera, similar to the Huawei P20 Pro, if the report needs to be believed.

ET News has little to say about the triumph of future S10 models, but notes that Samsung is not yet ready to launch its first foldable smartphone – Galaxy X – and is "developing rapidly." According to recent rumors, it will come to the next MWC, with S10 set to start the month before in CES.

25/6/18: The Samsung Galaxy S10 will reportedly report an iris reader to Apple's Face ID sensor.

So says a report from the South Korean website The bell, which from unnamed sources has heard that the Galaxy S10 on the front will design a 3D-sensor camera, which will replace the current, simply-dressed iris scanner.

This will not be the only form of authentication on the device, as Samsung says it will also equip the S10 with a fingerprint sensor in the display. That, The bell which are being developed by Qualcomm, Synaptics and the Taiwan Institute of Technology, although the report finds that Samsung could "revisit its strategy" if tech is not ready to launch in early January on a smartphone.

The report does not give much else, but notes that – like the previous edition of the company – there were two versions: 58 and Galaxy S10 and 6.3 and Galaxy S10 Plus.

21/6/18: The alleged prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S10 shows that the leading iPhone X-training manufacturer will design the entire screen.

The image of the prototype was published on Twitter by the notorious tip of the Ice Universe (below). While not specifically mentioning the S10 Galaxy, its use of the word "beyond" – believed that this was the code name for the upcoming Samsung leading brand – nevertheless it gave away.

The handheld picture shows that the Galaxy S10 could, if legit, design a full-screen design similar to that seen on Oppo Find X – which would allow a ratio of aperture to body to 93 percent, a ratio of 83.6 percent on the Galaxy S8 and S9.

Like Oppo Find X, there is no sign of the front camera – or actual sensors – on the front of the device, indicating that Samsung could be in the next order to receive a pop-up camera that would not be an iPhone X-style comma. Earlier this month, we heard that Samsung would not be able to accept the screen of the screen by fitting the S10 with futuristic audio technology.

Before you can hope, although it's hard to believe that these prototype shows give you a legitimate picture of Samsunga's leading year 2018, as the start of the leadership system is at least six months.

According to recent rumors (below), the Galaxy S10 is likely to be officially launched for the first time on the next CES in Las Vegas.

14/6/18: Samsung will avoid adopting futuristic audio technology next year on the next Galaxy S10, says ETNews.

The Korean announcement reports that Samsung, along with LG, is preparing for the debut of "emitting emitting displays" on its smartphones starting next year, as they have previously demonstrated off prototype technology on SID expo in the past month.

This on-screen technology will allow the sound to emerge through the phone's screen, eliminating the need for a front-facing headset and, consequently, a cut-out from the iPhone X display. This means that Samsung would accept a pop-up selfie camera as it recently announced Vivo Nex, you can push the screen to S10 all the way to the top of the device.

16. 5. 18: Samsung is expected to equip the Galaxy S10 with a funny sharp display next month to empty the iPhone X from the water.

According to the Twitter icon Ice Universe, the Galaxy S10's screen resolution will exceed 600 ppi, which means that the iPhone X's is 458ppi and the Galaxy S9 is 570ppi.

It still looks like the screen will match the Sony Xperia XZ Premium Flash Pen, which has a 5.8in 3840×2160 4K screen with a pixel density of 760ppi.

In addition to the resolution of the screen resolution, the Galaxy S10 is expected to achieve a 93% screen-to-body ratio, which will improve the ratio of 83.6 percent to the Galaxy S9.

In addition, it looks more likely that the Galaxy S10 will be the first Samsung phone with a fingerprint reader on the screen after Ice Universe tweeted that ultrasonic tech will not come to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

"It's almost certain that Note9 does not have FOD [Fingerprint-reader On Display]", read the tweet.

4/5/18: Rumors claim that Samsung will introduce its leading model Galaxy S10 in January 2018 with a plan to introduce its anticipated Foldable Smartphone at MWC in February.

Korean newspaper The bell, of course, reports that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is likely to see the official disclosure at CES in January, with the "Procurement Parts" starting in October.

While this is not the first time we've heard that Samsung could start with its next leading smartphone before the scheduled time, this rumor has a little more meat. The bell claims that the launch of the S10 was pushed forward to allow space for its Galaxy X smartphone that could be expanded.

Samsung reportedly asked suppliers to begin delivering the smartphone component in November with plans to disclose the handset to MWC.

The so-called Galaxy X will have the function of fold-in, Bell warns, featuring three 3.5-inch OLED panels. According to the report, the front of the product is equipped with two 3.5-inch plates to create a 7-inch screen with an additional 3.5-inch rear-view screen.

3/5/18: Samsung Galaxy S10 is named "Beyond" and will be the first to be equipped with a fingerprint sensor sensor, according to the Korean News The bell.

As he said, the "industry of the parts" as a source, the site claims that Samsung's code name "Beyond" corresponds to the company's ten-year business, with the company wanting to "surpass" what it already achieved on the smartphone market.

This makes the Galaxy S10 the first smartphone Samsung to be equipped with Fingerprint on Display (FOD) technology, according to a report that recognizes that the company has tried to install the feature from the Galaxy S8 but failed due to a "technical problem".

Samsung will be able to install the fingerprint sensor in the AMOLED Galaxy S10, The bell although it is unclear who will provide the company with futuristic technology.

It is not known at this time whether the Galaxy S10 on the front will display iPhone X's technology, similar to 3D-sensing.

"Unlike FOD, partners in the 3D sensor module do not perceive movements of mass production," said one electronic industry official.

18/4/18: The Galaxy S9 can only be a week, but Samsung has reportedly completed the concept of next year's Galaxy S10.

So says the Korean website The bell, claiming that Samsung's 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S series will arrive early next year, equipped with a fingerprint scanner and a 3D sensor, similar to the iPhone X.

The sensor for detecting the fingerprints of the handset required by the report is currently being developed by Qualcomm and Synaptics in the United States and Aegis Tech in Taiwan. The Galaxy S10 and S10 + are probably the first Samsung smartphone to be equipped with technology, and recent reports have warned that, despite earlier rumors, it will probably not have the Galaxy Note 9 feature.

The Galaxy S10's 3D-sensing module is developing cameras from Mantis Vision and Woodgate, The bell notes. Further details of this feature remain unclear, but it will probably offer an iPhone-style feature to unlock faces, which will improve the current and somewhat loose solution for viewing iris.

In second place, the Korean report reveals speculation that the Galaxy S10 will be equipped with a folding AMOLED display, which we have heard a lot of, and instead claims that Samsung will hold the same curved Infinity screens found on this year's S9 and S9 +.

The screens are expected to be growing even though the S10 and S10 Plus had features of 5.8in and 6.3ch panels, which is 0.03in and 0.08in larger than their predecessors.

That's all The bell should be given, but the previous report argued that – somewhat surprisingly – the Galaxy S10 and S10 + would run Samsung as the unannounced Exynos 9820 SoC, which is expected to start in the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung's version of Exynos is usually released in Europe, with Qualcomm's next genetic Snapdragon 855 processor, which is set to its US version.

Of course, Samsung did not comment on rumors. μ

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