Prince Harry praised Prince Charles for taking on the duty of marriage


Prince Harry praised his father, Prince Charles, because he agreed that Megan Markle would walk along the valley

Prince of Wales was accompanied by Mrs. Meghan Markle along the corridor Quire of St. Yuri Chapels. Image: @ ClarenceHouse / Twitter

LONDON – Prince Harry praised his father's dignity to step in to the dagger Meghan's dynasty, and after a wedding day he walked after a former actress along the corridor.

34-year-old Duke Sussex was grateful for his father's "support" in stepping up his role at the royal couple's wedding at Windsor Castle in May, after his father, 37-year-old Duke Thomas Markle, was forced to leave when he gave up his daughter, he had to undergo heart surgery in the United States.

In the documentary, Prince, son and heir: Charles at 70, who appeared on BBC One on Thursday, Harry says: "I asked him and I think he knew he was coming and immediately he said:" Yes, of course I will do everything that Meghan needs and I am here, you. "

"For him, this is a fantastic opportunity to step in and support this, and you know that he is our father, so it will naturally be there for us.

"Just because it's my father does not mean I can go anyway," OK, that's all, I'll take it from here. ""

During the ceremony in the chapel of St. Yuri is Harry, who is expecting her first child with a former actress, heard: "Thank you," because his father betrayed his bride.

Charles's wife, Duchess Camilla, acknowledged she was "touching" the moment she only saw when she watched a wedding on television.

She says: "I think it was very touching. I sat where I was, you could not hear what he said. But after watching it on television, I think it's a nice move."

The 71-year-old king also praised her husband, who turned to 70 on November 14th – to make sure that Meghina's mother, Doria Ragland, took part when she took it with him to sign the register and confess, that people are not only aware of "how friendly" is Charles.

She says: "If I see that my husband actually takes the hand of a bridesmaid to sign the registry, it's something that has moved everything.

"It's a thing that makes it for scenes that people do not know about. I do not think people are aware of how kind he is."

Prince, son and heir: Charles at 70 on BBC One, at 21h.

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