Popular GPS device has security flaws


A GPS tracker used to monitor children, protect the elderly and keep track of vehicles can be compromised to show location, and his microphone can be remotely turned on, according to a report by TechCrunch.

Researchers say the security flaws are so bad that these devices should be recalled completely. The white-spot spot tracker in question has been manufactured in China and has been rebranded and sold by many companies.

These include SourafeGo, OwnFone Footprint And Pebbell by Hope Telecom. They all use a subscription identity module (SIM) card to connect to the 2G / GPRS cell network, and even though these devices cannot be connected to the Internet, they can be easily accessed and controlled by short messaging service (SMS).

Uk Cyber ​​Security Company Fidus Information Security said that the device can be protected in its place with a simple text message with the right keyword. A different command can contact the device and listen to its microphone without anyone knowing it.

Another command can kill the device's mobile phone signal altogether, effectively rendering it useless. This device also does not have much protection, although it can be protected by a pin – which is not a default option.

Even with a PIN, however, the GPS tracker can still be remotely remotely open.

"This tool has been marketed in keeping the most vulnerable safe and yet anyone can find and hear in thousands of people's lives without their knowledge," wrote Andrew Mobbit, director at Fidus Information Security. "This day and age, everything is connected one way or another and we seem to be leaving security behind; it's not going to end."

All the attacker would have to access the device, Fidus explained.

There are more than 10,000 of these devices in the UK. And thousands across the world. There's no way to fix the security flaws without recalling each camera.

"Fixing this broken security would be trivial," said the Fidus team. "All of them need to have been printing a unique code on each pendant and needing to be used to change configurations. The location and call functions can be locked down for calls and texts only from the numbers previously programmed into emergency contacts.


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