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HARARE – Following the threats made by teachers on Friday to attract better working conditions, the government is now forwarding to educators in the country to disclose differences.

Daily news can report that officials from the Ministry of Public Administration met on Monday with unionists from the Zimbabwe Association of Advanced Teachers (PTUZ) to narrow their differences and possibly exacerbate the potentially damaging strike on Friday.

Indaba was also attended by senior executives from the Premier League (Psmas), which provides health coverage for most public services.

The leaders of other trade unions representing educators – including the Teachers' Association in Zimbabwe – did not attend a meeting on Monday for unresolved issues in the Council of Apex, a body representing all civil servants.

PTUZ informed his employer on Monday that they intend to marate in Harare against a government they feel is not responding to their concerns.

The union also charges that wages are charged for their services in US dollars.

The terrible strike led to Minister of Public Administration Sekai Nzenze, who did not contact yesterday, which led PTUZ leaders to the conversation.

PTUZ official Ladislous Zunda described the meeting as "fruitful engagement".

"We met the representatives of the Ministry of Public Administration with the PTUZ and discussed the fruitful discussions with the government, where we presented our complaints, and from the employer's side, we were engaged, as well as with our representatives, to think about our situation," Zunda told Dnevnik Novice yesterday.

"We will not negotiate in the media, because the process is going on, but at the moment there is no message that nothing has changed. What has changed is that it's easy to deal, but nothing has been agreed," he said. asked whether PTUZ will continue to go after Friday afternoon after the end of the meeting.

The march was supported by the Union of United Trade Unions of Rural Zimbabwe.

Psarma Arthur Choga's Public Relations Service confirmed the meeting in which he stated that the health insurer met teachers as part of "our efforts to include not only teachers but all our stakeholders.

"We have taken the initiative to meet all our stakeholders and membership to help each other to cope with the problems we face in the healthcare sector, which is why this is happening and we invite our members to contact our offices , if they are going to face the challenges, "Choga said, while he did not want to disclose the details of his debates.

State educators and other government officials have demanded that the employer pay his US dollar wages because he cares that their earnings have been reduced to an impeccable level due to the declining value of bonds – a substitute currency introduced by the government in 2016.

Teachers also want the employer to review their salaries above the reference point of poverty, which is estimated to be more than $ 800 now.

Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Paul Mavima recently said that the government does not have the capabilities of hundreds of elementary schools in Victoria's waterfalls,

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