NASA and SPACEX to test rocket that will lead people to space

NASA and Spaceex are about to launch a rocket that can mark the future of American space flight.

The two organizations will team up to blast the Kronon Dragon spacecraft, on the top of a rocket of Falcon 9, as a major test.

Together, these two crafts can represent the future of missions carrying American astronauts.

If the test is successful, it will sign a major moment in the United States of Spasifull. For years, the US It. It was not able to launch its own astronauts to the space station or unused otherwise – instead rely on Russia to do so for them – and was waiting and hoping for private solutions to the problem.

The historical launch will be on January 7, 2019, NASA said.

"This will be the first unrecovered test flight of the Commercial CRU program and will provide data on the performance of the Falcon 9, CRU Dragon Spacecraft, and Earth Systems, and on-Orbit, Docking and Landing Operations," in an announcement .

"The Flight Test also provides valuable data to NASA certifying Spacex's crew transportation system for carrying astronutes to and from the space station."

No astronaut has been launched in space since 2011, when the Space Shuttle program is retired. Since then, all launches have taken place at the Baikonur Cosmrdrome, which has been done by Russia – a situation that has occasionally caused problems such as fears that no missions would be able to launch a major issue with a recent trip to the International Space Station Station.

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