Manchester United "optimistic" for derby after winning in Juve, says Ander Herrera Football


Ander Herrera wants Manchester United to continue to show his personality, apparently in the Juventus victory, which is a great lift for Sunday's derby in Manchester City.

United moved to defeat Cristiano Ronaldo on Wednesday after the tournament. José Mourinho showed the character that he demanded an unforgettable victory with the 87-meter equalizer Juan Mata and his goal Alex Sandro.

United slowly started the season, with the players and manager criticizing. Since winning the victory over Newcastle last month lost once in six games, 1-0 home to Juventus.

The winning result on Wednesday was the third from a lost place in a row, while United also turned into a deficit in Bournemouth last Saturday.

"When you play for Manchester United, the biggest club in the UK and one of the biggest in the world, you have to get used to the pressures," said Herrera. "Manchester United players need to have a personality to deal with. It's true that if our opponents in the Premier League lose their games, the paper does not speak as much, but when we lose it, they do it.

"I've been here for five years and with [Louis] Van Gaal [Mourinho’s predecessor] every day the papers were talking. Since Mourinho came, he was the same and we won the titles. One day, if another administrator comes, they [critics] he will also say that this is something that we get used to. "

The combined resistance means that they have to play against the champions at the Etihad stadium.

"When you win, the next game is more optimistic," said Herrera, although he refused to take it. "Real Manchester United is in the wrong moments because we have to admit that we have bad moments and that we have to improve. It is true that the last results gave us a good spirit, energy, but Manchester United … we will see the end of the season if we can say that we had a good season. "

Herrera does not read much in the last season of the relevant derby, when United came from 2-0 down at half-time to win 3-2.

"It's a new game, a new situation," the midfielder said. "Hopefully, we can win. It's true they are popular, because they are in an incredible form, but it's Manchester United and you never know what can happen."

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