Make time for your daughter: Lumumba advises Temba Mliswa in bad shuffle


The lawyer for Norton Temba Mliswa (Independent) was involved in a nasty online spy with activist Zanu-PF William Gerald Mutumanje popularly known as Acie Lumumba. The two, who do not seem to appreciate each other, exchanged a nasty indictment on Twitter's microblogging website after Mliswa warned people to ignore what he allegedly watched from Acie Lumumbe. Lumumba has disclosed his claims about the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe officials who deal in foreign exchange markets, and accused RBZ Governor John Mangudya of being "Queen Bee".

Mliswa said that he once helped Lumumbi after he was in love with South Africa without money to return home. Written by Mliswa,

Continuation of public and political involvement with the @acielumumba Theater Lumumba is very disturbing for us. He talks about a defective society that we have become.

The guy is not normal and I blame all those who are constantly engaged and in love with him for a mess. I was always on the lookout when I doubted his mental health.

I once helped a guy at OR Tambo Airport while he was looking for money to go home and in the market he looked like stubborn.

This did not go well with Lumumbo, who claimed that he also helped Mlisvi, the daughter, when she had no money for her rent before taking Mliswa's caution to take care of her children first. Posted by Lumumbo,

I also helped your daughter in my apartment while looking for money for rent, it looked like a fake. Before you take care of adult men, why not take care of your children? I'm looking forward to her name if you want to kneel mutaure naye, this is a lawyer ?

Mliswa later returned with a weak,

To which Lumumba came back

I also felt when I helped her. Make time for her Tembo. Seriously! Dad your children

Lumumba later apologized for the inclusion of Mlisve's daughter in the debate,

Wherever (sic) should not bring into his daughter in this. Leave me alone without father, and I will leave you alone. You have a woman who is worried, and a rape-maker to respond. Your daughter is a smart girl with an incredible future without you. I'm sorry

I reject my comments on my daughter. I should not even react to a fool who is called Temba Mliswa. I want her all the best in her life, she has nothing to do with her. You have women who have been tortured and charged with accusations to respond to the fact that they will catch up with you!

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