Games with riots are sued for alleged discrimination on grounds of sex



Riot Games is charged with sex discrimination.

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The current and former employees of Riot Games, a video game manufacturer, filed a lawsuit against a company that deals with unequal pay, discrimination and a "sexually hostile work environment".

An action seeking a status of a class describes "unwritten policies and practices in order for men to transition to women in the recruitment, promotion and redress of their employees". Plaintiffs seek penalties, including unpaid salaries.

Gambling and attorneys for claimants Melanie McCracken and Jessica Negron did not immediately respond to comment requests.

The complaint follows the August investigation in Kotak, which revealed allegations of a working environment that is burdened with sexual harassment.

Riot Games is one of the latest companies that have been fired due to an inappropriate working environment for women. In the industry, such a working environment is listed amongst many reasons women leave the industry or do not want to join in the first place.

V blog post after the Kotaku report, league legend the manufacturer apologized. "As a company we have become accustomed to ASAP problems, but this repair will not happen overnight," the company said in August, adding that diversity, inclusiveness, respect and equality are not appropriate.

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