Fortnight's first 2019 tournament is the secret collision inviting


Fortnight& # 39; S The first competitive event of the year will be called the Secret Skirmish, and Epic is already letting the event live up to its name. The developer's announcement announces the tournament's details on details, but gives us a bit of an idea of ​​what we can expect.

The tournament will include two days of competition, as players compete for their share of the $ 500,000 prize pool. The competitors themselves will be made by players from the community that Epic has invited, including professional players and competitive streamers. It will also include players who perform particularly well in previous events and others Open Fortnight Competitions.

This event will take part in an Unisexclusive Testing Facility on February 14-15. The good news is that no matter where the players are and the game is hosted, everyone will be able to watch Fortnight's Twitch channel, just like in previous tournaments.

The announcement also mentions that players can expect epic to "explore more … Operations "In the two days of competition." There is no true sign of what it is all about, but Epik is sure to release more info as the tournament gets closer – unless they are going to hold the lioning hard in the "secret" part of the event.

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