Chamisa escapes "abduction plot" – Standard


The MDC said last night that state security agents tried to capture their leader Nelson Chamis, which caused a dramatic crisis with his safety when he returned from a rally in Marondera.

Tafadzwa Mutacha

MDC fans at Rudhaka Stadium, Marondera, yesterday. Image: Aaron Ufumeli

Police spokesman Jacob Mafume said the suspected security agents had tried to block Chamisa's motorcycle and seized it in Harare's Mabvuku.

Mafuem said that about six vehicles followed Chamisine convoy from Marondera, where thousands of supporters addressed Rudhaka on the hill "thanks".

"We had the excitement with the CIO (Central Intelligence Organization), then blocked the convoy and tried to pull Chamis out of the presidential car," he said.

"Our security has prevented them from taking it or part of its staff.

"When they were blocked, they then took one of the guys in a security group who managed to jump from a moving car."

Mafume claimed that Chamis was the same vehicle in the same vehicle, and reports were made at the Avondale and Harare Central police stations, but so far no measures have been taken.

"Today, their first light-weight attempt was to block the fleet and also disturb Chamisin's movement.

"It's safe at the moment. The Mabvuku people came to see the excitement, and when people increased, they turned off again," Mafu said, adding that the pictures and license plates of vehicles were.

MDC officials reported an incident at the Mabvuku police station. However, police officers who were involved in the case did not want to speak with journalists who sent them to the National Police Officer of the Zimbabwe Police, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi.

Nyathi asked questions to Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charambi, whose phone was not answered.

At the rally, Chamis repeated the allegations that the intelligence and military operatives were lagging behind.

"I would like to acknowledge the members of the Central Intelligence Organization and the military intelligence service," he said.

"Why am I doing this because they accompany me while I have had prayers in Domboshavi? They (informers) are blocking our path. Even when I am not accompanied, they are being monitored and blocked.

"Why are you doing this? I wrote a letter (to President Emmerson) Mnangagvi to say what you are doing is worse than what your predecessor Robert Mugabe did. Instead of coming to look for ideas, you're wasting your time watching me all the time Why are you doing this? "

Chamisa said he intends to meet with President of the Republic of South Africa Cyril Ramaphos and other leaders of Saddas to inform them of the deterioration of the political and economic environment in Zimbabwe.

He said that the government of Mnangagwa was unable to address the economic problems that the state is facing. Chamisa mobilizes his supporters to conduct demonstrations against Mnangagvi, claiming that Zanu PF leader took care of the elections on 30 July.

The army recently denied allegations that its intelligence officers were lagging behind as leader of the opposition.

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