A sharp drop in the number of people getting the flu vaccine as public confidence falls


Crime in the flu storm was found after a series of high-profile blunders, doctors warn.

An orderly discharge led to delays in getting the vaccine off to some GPS and pharmacies, resulting in patients being turned off.

    Fewer patients are fluent in jobs

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Fewer patients are fluent in jobs

Medicines say many of those who could not get into silence in September and October have not bothered to return.

Others have lost faith in it, even though it could otherwise work effectively in recent years as it contained the wrong strains of the virus.

Less people have received the vaccine this winter, leaving hundreds of thousands of vulnerable patients at risk.

Sound officials are now desperately trying to boost the pharmacy before temperatures fall and crawl infections.

There are about 8,000 deaths linked to every year of complications.

Peter Swinyard, of the Family Doctor's Association, said: "When you lose confidence in a vaccine, it's hard to get back.

"It has been a huge trouble over this year's vaccine ordering process and delays in providing it to patients.

"Some people didn't come back early.

"Others said they didn't see the point during the vaccine, as they found in previous years, even after it.

"Tonight, the vaccine seems to be a good match for circulating tension this year so should be more effective.

"Patients should receive the vaccine as soon as possible."

All pensioners and under -65s with a serious long-term healthy condition can be released Jab.

Only 45.7 percent of eligible elderly patients have it – three percent per year on last year.

Ooptake is down one per cent to 70.5 per cent.

    Uptake was down three per cent down on last year

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Uptake was down three per cent down on last year

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