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6 Whatever you should be drinking right now


Every whiskey drinker or connoisseur needs a go-to bottle, a standby that will reliably reside behind every airport bar, in every hotel lobby, at each high-bay restaurant and low-bridge lining bar. Going to bottles are good to know, and even better to own, there is the whiskey you can pour when friends come over or when you just want an unfaceous end-of-day dam.

These are not the wishboxes. Distillers-Often the same ones that make your go-to bottles-like experiment with new combinations of water, barley, yeast and wood in search of new ways to express a centuries-old old tradition. Sometimes very successful experiments even make it to market. These are a few of our favorite wedges to reach the United States. There. Shelves over the past few months, bottles that will boost the depth of your whiskey cabinet, while (most of the time) leaving your bank account safe.

Glenmorangie Allta

Glenmorangie Allta ($ 99)

Most of the voices tell a story about the wood they are old and some others talk about their source of water or the microclimates where their barley is harvested. Glenmorang Alta is all about yeast. The tenth in Glennmore's annual "Private Edition" special release series, Allta's raw spirit was fermented using a wild yeast strain that Dr. Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie's director of distilling, whiskey creation, and whiskey stocks, swabbed from a few ears of barley, grow the fields at the distillery. The result is-perhaps predictably-yousti, with earthy, bread tones and a pronounced creativity layered atop Glemmorangie's signature orange citrus and floral notes. At $ 100, this bottle is underwater.

Brecaddich islay barley

Brecaddich islay barley


Brulayladdich Islay Barley 2011 ($ 65)

The distilleries at Breuiladdich (that's "Brooke-Lady") talk about whiskey, the way winemakers talk about wine, and for good reason. The distillery's Islay Barley Series exists to understand the notion that Scotch can embody geography, microclimat, and soil-whiskey, like wine, is about Terror. The sixth release in the series, Bruichladdich's 2011 Islay Barley (released in April) spent only six years in a combination of first-time Bourbon barrels as well as French and Austrian sweet wine cans that have already been reused. Two, a combination and duration of wood root can not overpower the flavors in the spirit. The nose is a mixture of fall fruits and citrus with a certain sense of smell, while the taste of a honey-barley sugar sweetness, slightly light, fresh, and nothing unconventional from a room generally associated with brownish smoker drama.

The Glendronach Revival 15 years old

The Glendronach Revival 15 years old


The Glendronach Revival 15 Years Old ($ 90)

When the Glendronach Distillery lifted production of its favorite 15-year-old expression in 2015, looking for available stocks, lovers of deep, dark and complex sherry-finished voices, grief was passing through. The stores are now replenished, the Glendronach resurrected his 15-year-old expression in October, giving sherry bomb lovers an old-fashioned old-style taste. The goings-on in both pedro Ximene and Olorosi Surrey cans, the Glendronach Revival pops the sweet and dry notes of each, creating a complexity and depth of flavor that has long distinguished this Speyside distillery. Not like the many limited releases here, this bottle is (blessings) here to stay. If you're more of the Scarcity-breeds-worth type, it's worth the fact that limited quantities of Glendron's limited-edition GrandSur Batch 10 ($ 700) have reached US dollars. There. May shelves as well.

Octomore 9.1 Series

Octomore 9.1 Series


Octomore 9.1 "Dialogos" ($ 140)

Isla-based Octomore does not provide traffic in a core line of vices, but rather a series of limited releases, each as experimental as well as the rest, pushing the limits of what the distillery can responsibly do with pleated malt. For Roman lovers only, each series typically contains two or three different but related iterations. Freely turned last year, the 9 series has already grown chips in retail – Octomore faithful tend to snatch it up quickly – so if you come across a bottle of little vegetable and very pies like melange of sea breeze, salted fudge, and Christmas conflicts that are Octomore 9.1 are all right. If you do not, take heart; Although the distillery won't say exactly when, next generation of Tomorrow will be released in the second half of the year.

OBAN is a game of Thrones Night's Watch Single Malt

OBAN is a game of Thrones Night's Watch Single Malt


Oban Bay Reserve Game of Thrones The Night's Watch Single Malt ($ 70)

Released a schoch whiskey with a TV-sorting bundle-in gimmicky, know this: the limited release Game of Thrones Viscos in January Predict the last season — every bottleneck represents one of the HBO series “Seven Kingdoms, plus the vaunted protectors of the Romanis of people known as the night & # 39; Watch for it – much better than the last time show.

Among them, the Night's Watch Challenge of Oban offers something special. Inside the city of Oban on three sides and a looming wall of granite on the fourth (even passive fans of the show will get the reference), the tiny two-additional subway distillery has nowhere to expand and a little extra capacity. Turn on special releases. With notes of Citrus Zest, Cherry Pie, and Cocoa Mashing with Oban's signature hint of smoke on the finish, the Oban Night's Watch release is a rare and wonderful exception – and it's hard to find anywhere but online. Not right about how you feel about the latest seasons of the series, no one is waiting to see the watch ended.

Craigellachie 33

Craigellachie 33 Years Old ($ 3,000)

Creigellachie remains relatively unknown to many consumers, despite the fact that they have produced quality schizophysics in spicidides since the late 1800s, as most of them miss the finish of various blended wishes. That all changed in 2014 when Creigellachie started rolling out a series of limited releases once under his own name, aged 13, 17, and 23 years. In December, Craigellachie capped the series with a somewhat brash 33-year-old, a uniquely punchy expression from a region better known for light and floral. With only 1,700 bottles produced in its entirety, it is the brand of Flash serious Scotch collectors covet, but there are still about 100 bottles available in retail (we checked). If the $ 3,000 price tag comes in a bit too high, the $ 300 23-year-old vanilla collection, baking spices, tropical fruits, and the Wafting Campaign Smoke make it the perfect (and more accessible) cornerstone bottle for any home whiskey. Bar.

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