Young Sao made Man City lose, speed like Mbappe-24h football


Saturday, 11/05/2015 05:05 (GMT + 7)

Many major news agencies in the UK reported that Mo will buy the first player in the summer of 2019 as a young star of Swansea.

Daniel James and Striking Moments Before Man City, FA Cup Quarterly 2018/19

There are reports of first-mover transport from the US for the summer of 2019. Some newspapers and major news agencies, including Sky Sports, have said Mu and Swansea have reached an agreement on transport fees. Dedicated to player Daniel James, a 21-year-old Wingman.

Mo picks the first one

Daniel James, 21-year-old Wingman of Man City

Daniel Jacob was a member of the Youth Team of the City of Choosia before joining Swansea. Although initially basketball and having had a very poor loan at Shrewsbury, James this season has exploded in the championship. He scored 4 goals and 7 assists in his left-wing role, and Jacob's form made him be called by Wales.

James possesses a number of skills that make the recruits impressed, from direct and fearless to personal breakthroughs to the ability to play both feet. But nothing makes the terrifying opponent Daniel James equal to the speed that proved when Swansa met Man City in the FA Cup this season, James's acceleration was even compared to BT sports compared to Kylian power. .

Very fast and technical, James has only a minus point that is not effective in the two most important stages, tectonics & scoring. But this is only a traffic weakness of a less experienced player and can progress through competition and coaching. One thing that makes Jacob especially popular with Mu: he spends a lot on the border, but in the right wing this season the players used (Mata, Lingard, etc.) also tend to drift in order to get their team up Solid.

Mo picks the first one

Daniel James was adjusted over the city's defense in the Fool Cup win over Swansa 3-2 in March.

According to Sky Sports, the price that Mo and Swansea agreed with is 15 million pounds and this amount is rated by several newspapers as quite well. But this information is still awaiting verification, because some other reputable sources have confirmed that Mu is interested in James, but the contract did not receive an agreement.

Even so, Daniel James was told by the eyes of "Red Devil" to solve the right wing problem, which has survived at least 2 seasons. A young player, with obvious physical strengths and moderate prices, may be good for Mu.

Mo officially appointed Mike Felan

Mu Home Page Officially announced that Mike Felan will be the assistant coach of Mu in the 2019/20 season for manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, thereby failing to return to the Central Coast Mariners club in Australia. Fellan before calling to Mu is working as a football director at Mariners and has been interfering with both jobs over the years.

However, the importance of this information is that it will not be the football director who is expected to nominate for the first time in club history. There were rumors that a former club player like Rio Ferdinand, Gary Neilvil or Edwin Wan the SAR will be selected for this position, but so far all have been rumors and there are even some things that would be better if they were not. .


Debit is likely to leave Juventus and Mu will not miss this opportunity.

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