Year 9 students died abnormally in the classroom

Thursday 26 November 2020 16:30 (GMT + 7)

Functional forces clarify the unusual death of a student at Chau Giang Secondary School (Duy Tien city, Ha Nam).

The school where the incident happened.

On the afternoon of November 26, speaking to PV, the leader of the People’s Committee of Chao Jiang Ward (Duy Tien City, Ha Nam), said that the ward police were verifying and clarifying the death of a student at Chao Gyang Junior High School . Study.

Accordingly, at the same time, about 9:00 a.m. on the same day, a 9th grade student from Chau Giang Secondary School playing with his friends fainted. Immediately after this, the teacher took the student to the Chau Giang Ward Medical Station for an emergency, and the Duy Tien District Medical Center quickly came down to help, but the student died.

Mr. Nguyen the Hanh, vice principal of Chao Jiang Secondary School, said that in this class, this student and his friends are very sociable. His family also said he had no medical history. The body of the child has been returned to the family, and the forensic practice is now at work.

Before the news that students were in conflict, which led to a fight, Mr. Hanon said the matter is still being investigated and clarified by the police and has not yet reached any concrete conclusions.

Students who have been in contact with the victim were taken by the police to testify, and the school was not exposed.


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