When he listened to Lam Tam as a pregnant woman, Huo Jianhua's reaction to the fans was laughing at the tears-Star


This is the first time that Huo Jinhua got dressed when he learned that his wife was pregnant.

At the moment when Lam Tam Nhu and Huo Jianhua officially talked about the same house, there are many rumors about a wedding couple leading a marriage, a forced marriage, a raft … At the moment, after two years together, finally, Lam-Huo can still live peacefully with her daughter.

When listening to news, there is a new or improved version of the fan -

Hu Jianshi first talked about the feeling when Lam Tam Nhi was pregnant.

When you listen to the news, two or three film lovers - 2

New time for a wedding, both of which are known.

In a recent interview, Huoji Hua has a lot about family and personal life. Reply to MC Luo If you want to think about your pregnancy about your mother, Huo Jianhua many people laugh because the thought is very cute and crazy. In fact, his first thought was:Definitely a girl. "

When you listen to news, there are three types of music lovers -

Lam There, as a tissue, he must be alone because his husband is from home.

According to Chen Jianhua, when he knew that he was promoted, he wanted to tell everyone, but because Lam Tam should be a player to shut up. In the time of his wife, Huo Jianhua feels guilty about a busy movie Hau like a story. Since he was originally "daddy" and felt like a child, he tried to hide his true feelings and continued to try the film.

When listening to news, there are four or four film lovers - 4

Zhou Enlai complains about his wife during pregnancy.

Listening to news fans of the new generation of fans - 5

Then he recorded for Hau Cung as a story.

Now that he gradually came to a new location, Huo Jianhua changed as before. In their early childhood, they are carefully trained, "old staff" dreamed of getting milk into the night. Huo Jinhua share has received a lot of compassion from the audience. The portrait of this wonderful dairy father is impressed by the fans.

Huo laughed to bring Huo Jianhua to wear Lam Tam Nhu to meet her sister Auntie

It seems that Hujan Hua has completely changed since he married and became a father.

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