"What is a Cao Bang 62-year-old bride" besides what can she do to improve her youth?


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A cosmetologist said that with a six-year-old, "Thu Sow Bride", the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments is only relative.

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The change of bride Thu after transplanting fat itself.

After the "century" married to 26-year-old husband, Thu Sao Bride has a new life. Ignore all of the talk, criticize the view of the bride Thu, and the groom of trie Hoa Kuong often publish images and status quo. And yet, Thu Thu's bride also carried out the "restoration" of the entire upgrade, such as cutting eyelids, removing fat, absorbing belly fat, transplanting fat, transplanting the back of the hand …

When compared to the image of Ms. Thu in the present time and a few months ago, many people realized the difference clearly. The face is shiny and youthful, the features on the face are glossy and smooth.

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The age gap is pulled back when two men take pictures together.

However, around the "overhaul" of the new bride Thu, many people also care whether at the age of 60, do health and life threaten or not? While Thu Sao is still quite safe: "I decided to go to work and feel confident, normal. I am very confident, not afraid. I used to say" bad where to be pretty "and today I will do it myself. I believe tomorrow, I will have a more beautiful face. "

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The beauty of Thu Sau bride after "overhaul"

Especially her face looks young and smooth thanks to the self-transplanting method. The doctor used abdominal fat and implanted it on his face after filtering fat through a centrifuge. This is the last method today, effectively bringing long-term benefits, but the disadvantages are too expensive and depending on the body fat adaptability of the client body.

However, according to the doctor with the case of Thu Sau Bride, it is possible to perform various methods of face lift, skin stretching, such as skin rejuvenation technology, Hifu thread tension, skin stretching only, facial skin cutting and …

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The stretching methods are only effective, but painful.

Hifu method

High Insensitivity Focus Ultrasound (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) technology without facial surgery, using high intensity ultrasound to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen under the skin.

This technology works to stretch the skin based on the use of wavelengths that can reach a depth of 3.0-4.5mm below the skin surface. This is considered to be the area that produces the most collagen and elastin – cells that help the skin fast, full and fresh. After going to the end of the dermis, high intensity focused ultrasound waves will spread energy, compacting muscle tissue. At this time, wrinkles, wrinkles and skin wrinkles will begin to fill up, changing the sound of the forehead, cheeks, chin … also raised.

This method is considered "quick" when there is no need to take too much time, you can own a glossy skin, but the effect is only maintained for a very short time.

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Cutting your skin to stretch your face is a pretty risky method.

Facial stretching surgery

In particular, Dr. NPD said, facial stretching is recommended for women aged 50 and over to use it to cut excess skin on the face and neck. Unfortunately, so the skin loses its elasticity, excess skin is over, the doctor will perform an anesthesia before the procedure and patient should follow the screening before processing such as: no history of cardiovascular disease, heavy blood clotting, no tobacco , Birth control pills , Anti-inflammatory drugs for a period of 1 month before surgery.

Excess skin will be removed, creating symmetry for the face. This method has a great advantage of long-term effectiveness, but it is quite painful, takes time to relax and may encounter one of minor complications such as swelling, bruising, infection. More severe accident: hair loss after the ear (surgical area), nervous nerve injury 7, desire to feel facial muscles …

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The bride 62-year-old Thu Sao was younger after transplanting herself.

Other methods

In addition, there are many different methods such as filler filler, ultrasound and ion power … However, NPTs doctors think that only solving the problem is effective in the long term. Is not available. Even as a filler method, the user is completely dependent on it. Or a method of implanting only, stretching the skin. Placing under the skin along with the spray pathway will shorten the volume before sagging areas. The thread works like a string, helping to support the skin and regenerate the new collagen.

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Enabling the filler is also a method of skin tightening and quick filling.

So choose which methods to desire to "reverse aging" as the bride as Thu becomes a reality. In response to this issue, the doctor said: "For menopausal women like Thu, the success rate of these methods will be much lower. For example, self-transplanting fat, after 9 months to 1 year, the fat rate exists and is not eliminated, accounting for 20% while the average person is about 40-50% so the self-transplanting method is not high. And following a doctor after 1 year, he had to go "miles" back on the fat, see if the fat was eliminated or not.

"And the Hifu methods are quite acceptable, but it must go back and forth continuously. The methods of cutting the skin and hanging the face are hidden with many risks, especially if it is not carried out normally, it is very dangerous. ", The doctor added.

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