Welcome Europe to the era of the Premier League's dominance


Initially, the C1 / Champions League is the championship of the national champions, while the UEFA Cup / Europe League is one of the teams that won the Cup. But the world has changed so quickly, very quickly, teams that can't win trophies can still participate in one of two playgrounds. That's why the finals between teams of the same country are not something rare.

But in history, never 4 teams will play 2 finals, the Champions League and the Europa League, to the same country. England have made history, with Liverpool and Tottenham winning the Champions League, and Arsenal and Chelsea fighting in the Europa League. Whatever the result, both drops will be taken back to the fog.

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This event recalls the glorious years of Britain, in the 1970s and the first half of the 1980s, before being connected to the Heisel disaster (collapsing a Heelsel wall leading to 39 deaths). At that time, the British flag of Britain is always arrogant over the Old Continent.

After reintegrating into the 1991/92 season, the English teams took a lot of time to rebuild their position. But even when the most golden age of the late 2000s, they still couldn't dress Europe. England only won the Champions League four times from 1999-2012, along with two European League matches at the same time.

Now, with two English finals, could this be called the beginning of the Premier League era?

Note that the four English teams in Europe currently ranked 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th in the Premier League last season. And this time they're still not the best, with 95 points leading by Human City. This means that if the City of Man is included and (possibly) the next time, England will continue to move into Europe.

It is important that English clubs can be stronger.

Take a look at the financial aspect. According to the audit firm DeloitteThe Premier League currently has £ 4,800 million (5.6 billion) in previous financials. This is about 60% more than the Bundesliga and La Liga, while Triple Ligue 1.

With strong money backing, they spent £ 1.24 billion on the last summer of transport, and in addition to the big teams, even small clubs like Leister or Fulham also cost more than 100 million. Table. This trend will continue to rise in the summer and the competitiveness of the Premier League is growing.

The stars will still come to England with the amount of money that this tournament brings.

Rich, including countless stars, playing in gorgeous stadiums and full of spectators, English clubs also catch up with restoring prestigious coaches. Years ago, the Premier League's weakness when it came to Europe was an outdated and sometimes tactical innocence. Now, with Pep Guardiola, Mauricio Pochettino, Maurizio Sarri, Unai Emery … that's no longer a problem.

As happened, Liverpool disabled Messi and Barca, then won an incredible 4-0 victory. For this, they also contributed to higher tactics. Tottenham, though relying on a bit of luck, but the tactic tweaks of Pochettino in the second half are the upstream ones. Moreover, both are showing the bravery, intelligence and cold head at the heart of the heart. They are really big, mature and good enough to challenge continental powers.

Another factor, the rise of the British parallel to the process of going down into rival football platforms. In La Liga, Real Madrid has lost Ronaldo and will spend a lot of time + effort to rebuild. Atlasic is similar, when the first generation of Diego Seazone owns is gradually being replaced. Barcelona is increasingly dependent on Lionel Messi, but the 31-year-old Superstar began to feel tired.

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In Bundesliga, donations are angry and need strong blood changes. As for Dortmund, the crushing defeat against Tottenham shows that they are not qualified to go away in the most prestigious tournament. The two best-of-breed A and Ligue 1, Juventus and PSG representatives are still stuck in continental dreams because of the lack of competition in the domestic arena.

The Premier League faces a bright future. But it's still a question. La Liga has a European shadow over the last decade, thanks to World Superstars, Messi, Ronaldo, Luis Suarez, Neymar or Garet Bale. What about the English teams?

Meanwhile in the fog of the country are full of new generation of superstars, such as Harry No, Raehem, Sterling, Mohamed Salah, Saddle Man, Leroy Sane, Van Dick. Eden Hazard or Paul Pogba leaves, it will immediately be filled with others, maybe Paulo Dibala or Jadon Sancho. In addition, talents even spread across many teams, instead of focusing on two clubs like La Liga.

So welcome to the era of the Premier League's dominance. And the proud proclamation that the sun will never turn away from the British Empire will be the recalcitrant, challenging Europe as well.

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