Viettel is ready to test 5g in 2019

Mr. Cao Duck Tang, General Director, said:Vittel is ready to participate in the 5G test in 2019. We hope that soon there will be information on frequencies for Vietel and other operators to prepare the design, appropriate equipment, frequency response that the mic is expected to use for 5g. "

Not only that, Vietel also researches and manufactures 5G station equipment. Viettel has established a research team to develop 5G technology from 2015. With experience in developing 4G end-to-one and core network, Viettel aims to focus on the 5G research station. Especially, the core technology of the product determines the quality and performance of this product, taking the experience of the gained experience during the research and development of the 4G base station.

To date, Viettel has achieved some positive results: Mastering the core technology of software for 5G devices; Master the high-frequency transceiver block hardware design; Master of software design for physical layer for 5G device.

  Vittel has carefully prepared to deploy 5g process

Vittel has carefully prepared to deploy 5g process

With careful preparation and the advantages that other telecom companies do not have, Vyettel is the complete process of 5G modulation station by 2019 and test the 5G network by 2020. Ready to deal with this product by 2021.

The 5G network will revolutionize the speed, stability of mobile devices, erase the distance between fixed and wireless speeds, and give unprecedented wave of technology, applications. , Addressing connectivity challenges anytime, anywhere, connecting everything.

Meanwhile, Viettel is self-management in designing and producing 4G broadcast station as well as important components of 3G / 4G core network such as billing system, switchboard, site router transmission equipment … deployed in Vietnam. South and 10 markets of Vietel overseas. In addition, Vietelt will define evenings, AI, large data and smartness platforms to deploy applications and share with partners and customers.

The fifth generation of mobile phones (5G) features speed up to 10Gbbs, 10 times faster than 4G LTE, less than 1ms latency, and up to 1,000,000 devices per km.2 Is the connectivity platform for the fourth industrial revolution. The United States has begun commercial deployment of 5G net for fixed wireless service, is expected to be officially launched by the end of 2019 And early 2020.

The 5G network architecture includes 5G core and 5g base stations. Following the standardization and deployment of 5G networks, the first phase will dissolve 5 g stations and reverse 4G core networks at less than 6 GHz of bandwidth frequencies. In the telecommunications Network architecture, broadcast stations are the most important and hard to develop as they operate directly with radio equipment, which determines the quality and experience of customers. Service. Therefore, there are only 4G and 5G operators in the world, including Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia and ZTE.

After 3 years of research, Vietelt has achieved some positive results such as:

Master's core technology for the 5G device: New Polar / LDPC channel coding technology, Mu-Mimo signal modulation and signal processing technology. Master hardware design for high frequency transceivers. Master of Physical Layer Software Design for 5G Devices.

Information clarifying the availability of the WITTEL 5G test in 2019, please refer to the attached file.

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