Vietnam intends to spy on Malaysia and Myanmar

Vietnam plans a "scout" of Malaysia and Myanmar

BHL Vietnam will send members directly after two games. Malaysia vs. Laos and Myanmar met Cambodia in Group A 11.11. Park Se Seo Park left players to relax before they return to practice tomorrow (11/11).

Malaysia and Myanmar 1
Coach Park Hang Seo said that Malaysia is the biggest competitor of Vietnam Tel in the AFF 2018 Cup

Especially Malaysia is the rival who learned the most in the AFF Cup campaign in 2018. Before the tournament, Hang Seo coach and assistant Lee Young Jin followed the To League match in Malaysia directly to Malaysia.

Star Premier League reveals the reason for participating in the AFF Cup 2018


Cardiff striker Neil Etheridge has confirmed that he will serve in the Philippines at the AFF 2018 Cup when coach-Sven-Goran Eriksson took over. However, Neil Etheridge is likely to play only two quarters of the AFF Cup in 2018 and does not intend to go further.

Man City "pinned" by Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling officially extended his five-year contract with the city and received a new salary up to £ 300,000 per week. Thus, the striker will be the highest-paid player at the Etihad Stadium and the other in the Premier League, only for Alexis Sanchez, who receives £ 350,000 a week at the MU.


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