Use homemade guns to rob banks in Quang Ni | Law


On January 18, Ha Long City police, Quang Nin Province, said the unit had just arrested Tran the Houong (SN 1979, residing at Group 18A, Area 3, Ha Khanh Ward, Ha Long City) when this topic is over. Use homemade guns to rob banks.

According to the authorities, the incident was at 2.30 pm today (January 18), at this time, Tran the Huong took a homemade gun and went to the Vietnam Investment and Development Bank in Ha Long Branch (address 74 Tran Hung Tao Street, belongs to Group 8, Zone 1, Tran Hung Tao Ward, Ha Long City).

In the Transaction Counter No. 2, Huong used a gun to threaten the tragedy of Tran Mai Huong and Treasurer Wu Thiung to move into the calculation of the amount of VND 1096 million.

Quang Ninh: Robbing Banks with Homemade Guns - Photo 1Subjects use guns to confiscate banks.
Quang Ninh: Robbing Banks with Homemade Guns - Photo 2Exhibits of theft.

When Ms. Huong and Ms. Nhung fulfilled the request of the object, the police force just catches the tangle at the counter No. 2.

Meanwhile, Ha Long City Police focuses on investigating and dealing with the law.

Hoang Duong

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