Transporting 20 cakes of heroin from Hoa Bean to Hai Fung, 2 subjects were arrested


Transporting 20 cakes of heroin from Hoa Bean to Hai Feng, 2 objects were arrested - 1

Subjects at the Police Office (Photo of CTV)

At 14:00 this afternoon (May 10), at the front door area of ​​324 Tran Nguyen Han, La Chan District, TP. Hai Fong, a Revenue Force to the Office of Public Health (PC02), Public Security Department. Hai Fong cooperated with the Drug Crime Prevention Police Department (Ministry of Public Security) to capture Mr. Ha Van Hei (SN 1970, in May Chao District, Hoa Binh Province) and Tran Thi Dong (SN 1987, in Din Lap District, Long Son Province) is carrying drugs. Conducting a search, the police agency seized 20 cakes of heroin with a total weight of over 7 kg.

In the police office, objects claimed, the number of heroin above is an object in May Chao District, Hoa Binh Province, on the morning of May 10, hired Han Van Hen to transfer from Hoa Binh Province to Hai Feng for 1 person named T (being verified by the police). After receiving "goods" in Hoa Bain, at 2pm on the same day, he took the passenger car to transfer to Nghia Bus Station, TP. Hai Phong. Here, while he is meeting, this is how to hand over the "goods," the police force them.

In the police agency Tran Thi Dong admitted a man named Ti asked for Nam Nghia Bus Station to meet Yen to get "goods".

According to records at the police office, formerly the source of the establishment and by taking the region, the reconciliation officers of PC 02 discovered a group of drug transfer groups from Hoa Jin to Hai Feng to consume with the number In large quantities, the operating tricks method is also very sophisticated. After a study of deep study and verification, consider the complexity of the case, PC02 reported to the Board of Directors of the City Police Department to establish a 519M project to fight to destroy this group.

After a period of observing all changes in the objects, the judge decided that in 10/5, the subjects in this group would transport the goods in very large quantities, so decided to "take care".

Meanwhile, the case has been expanded by police agencies to investigate and arrest other related subjects in the group.

An Nhien

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