The Vietnam Young Doctors Association was born in 1973

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Mr. Ha Ana Duke – Chief of the Office of the Ministry of Health, Vice Chairman of the Young Physicians Association, Term III was elected to be the Chairman of the Fourth Medical Association (2020-2025).

The Vietnam Young Doctor Association was born in 1973-1

Head of the Department of Civil Affairs, Lute. Truong Thi Mai, Deputy Prime Minister Wu Duke Dam, Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long, First Secretary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Nguyen Anna Tuan Congratulations the new Chairman of the Medical Association. Young Vietnamese Ha Anh Duc.

On the afternoon of December 6, 2020, the 4th National Congress of Young Physicians Association consulted and elected to nominate the Executive Board term IV, term 2020-2025 including 114 people.

Mr. Ha Anh Duc, Chief of the Office of the Ministry of Health is trusted, elected to hold the title of President of Vietnam Young Physician Association, Term IV, Term 2020-2025.

Ontreo and congratulated the Executive Committee of Session IV of the Vietnam Young Physicians Association are Ms. Truang Thi Mai, Member of the Politburo, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Head of the Central People’s Advocacy Committee; Mr. Wu Duke Dam, Member of Party Central Committee, Deputy Prime Minister; Nguyen Thanh Long, Minister of Health; Mr. Nguyen Anna Tuan, First Secretary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, President of the Vietnam Youth Union; Representatives of ministries, departments, agencies, unions and 430 young physician representatives from Congress.

At the meeting, neighbor Truong Thi Mai confirmed: In recent years, the cause of health care for the people has made many progresses, achieving many outstanding achievements and results, focusing on improving quality. Service quality, morale, beliefs and people’s satisfaction.

The health sector has rapidly approached scientific and technical progress, many new health policies have been published, the rate of people withdrawing health insurance is high, providing better health care opportunities for people. People, reducing risks for the poor and people in difficult circumstances. In particular, it is an important imprint of the team of nurses, doctors, health workers across the country in general, and the strength of young doctors in particular.

The Vietnam Young Doctors Association was born in 1973-2

Head of the Propaganda Department, General Secretary Truong Thi Mai, wants young doctors to continue to keep their ideals, cultivate ambitions, always aware of the noble mission, constantly training, improving medical ethics …

Truong thi mai hope that young physicians will continue to uphold their ideals, cultivate ambitions, always have a sense of the noble mission, constantly practice, improve medical ethics, and humbly study previous generations. Quickly approach scientific and technical advances, accumulate experience and consider the beliefs of patients and society as aspiration targets.

Ms. Trong Thi Mai also suggested that the Vietnam Young Physicians Association continue to accompany, encourage, encourage and encourage young physicians to make efforts to improve professional competencies, professional ethics and actively participate in programs. “Young healer who pioneers and innovates in scientific research and quality improvement” and “Young physicians shock and volunteer for public health” that the National Congress of Vietnam Young Physicians Association for the fourth time, the term 2020-2025 is identified.

The Fourth Congress of the Vietnam Young Doctors Association has evaluated the last term, the construction and development of the association is effectively implemented; The core role of the Youth Union and Youth Association in building the organization and activities of the Youth Medical Association is clearly confirmed; Increase investment in staff; Orient and ensure conditions for the Association to work effectively.

At the end of October 2020, the Young Physicians Association had more than 82,000 members; 31 associations and 32 provincial clubs, 600 clubs in hospitals.

The Vietnam Young Doctors Association was born in 1973 - 3

The 4th Vietnam Congress Youth Physician Association.

In the period 2015-2020, the Young Physicians Association at all levels provided free medical examination and medicine to over three million people; Free eye surgery for 3000 old people. At the same time, screening for cancer more than 30,000 people; Providing basic first-aid and first aid training for 30,000 preschool and primary school teachers; Mobilize members and youth to donate 1.2 million units of blood; Propagated and mobilized 200 young doctors to volunteer to work in 62 poor districts.

Congress adopted a resolution calling on all young Vietnamese doctors at home and abroad to unite, to join the union organization, to strive to emulate creativity, to do scientific research, to actively participate in social activities and activities. Protection, care and improvement of the health of the people.

In addition, Congress set the working direction of the Association and the Young Physician Movement for the term 2020-2025. With the action slogan “Young physicians volunteering for a healthy Vietnam”, in the coming season, the Association will focus on building strong organizations, expanding the solidarity front, gathering young healers nationwide. ; Take care of and protect the legitimate and legitimate rights and interests of young physicians to build great ambitions, emulate virtues, practice talents, establish a body, set up a career, dedicate talents and youth to a virtual career. Take care and improve the health of people.

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