The US China negotiations ended & # 39; frankly & # 39 ;: any agreement reached


The US China negotiations frankly ended: no agreement has been reached - photo 1.

Goods Are Unloading At A Main Port On Long Beach, California On 10-5 – Photo: AFP

Follow the radio NPRAlthough Mr. Trump calls it a "straightforward and constructive" negotiation, the most important thing is that the two sides have not finally found a satisfactory solution, while the United States. There. Government has increased the additional tax rate. Up to 25% with 200 billion USD of Chinese goods after midnight 9-5.

Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter saying that "taxes can be removed or not, depending on the evolution of future negotiations." He confirmed "the relationship between President Shi and himself is very good and the negotiations will continue in the future".

Meanwhile, according to the news agency BloombergResponding to the press, Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu Hak said the talks took "quite well".

According to the news agency AFPUS $ There. Treasury Secretary Steven Munchin and US Secretary of State There. Trade Representative Robert Lightthser met Liu Xia at about 2 hours on May 10, then went to the White House to tell Mary. Trump about the meeting.

Earlier, Trump said he was not in a hurry to reach an agreement with China and said that the US was in no hurry. There. Has been in a strong position.

Although the prospectus of realizing a tax hike made many financial markets, it seems that investors are reassured that the two sides have not completely collapsed. The main stock indexes in the US There. All session 10-5 closed at a higher level than the previous sharp plunge.

Although the 25% tax rate is effective even when the contract is round, they do not apply to goods transported across the Pacific.

It still helps negotiators "narrow doors" to reach an agreement before they can clearly feel the impact of higher rates.

However, there is no information on when and where to go next. There. And Chinese trade negotiations will be resumed.

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