The house is not as important as a resettlement policy


She does not need a relocation house, but needs policy

– Your position on the status of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh is superfluous large resettlement funds?

– The re-settlement house is only suitable for mountain areas when they release villages for water, lake, irrigation, etc., but not in urban areas. In urban areas, we need a resettlement policy, not a resettlement.

I wonder why people do not give money, so they find a real home instead of building a house and getting them there. It's also like looking at a dwelling like a roof over your head.

Housing is not only a place to live, it is also closely linked to the problem of earning a living, in other words, the survival of people. People live here, they live here, the children are studying here, the relationships are here, but after they have decided on their project to organize their home far. can not be If people decide from themselves that a part of the population does not agree, it is not.

This story in Hanoi has so many new leads in thousands of housing dwellings are superfluous. This is demonstrated by the current resettlement policy in Hanoi, and in particular the city, in particular the central government in general, has failed.

I repeat, I understand that housing is not just a roof over the head. Wholesalers sell mulches that have been put on the floor, how people agree that they will want to. So let the real estate market solve the problem of relocation, a government project or business premises just to give money to people only.

Former Deputy Minister of Construction: Immaculate House after Resettlement Policy - Photo 1.

Former Deputy Minister of Construction, former Vice President of the Vietnam Building Association, said that the resettlement policy today was not successful Photo: Lam Tung.

– The quality of housing for resettlement is also a problem that many residents reflect, or did projects start to decrease?

– You need to know that apartment, if not a product of goods, but just a building product, there are people who live, it is a subsidized apartment, the quality can not be high.

– According to the survey, many housing settlement projects revealed a number of management problems. For example, the Exchange Exchange project arose when a third of households went unlawfully, the Hoang Cau project became the site for injecting drugs. How do you evaluate these stories?

– If such cases occur, the best solution is legal declarations, if there is no law, then there must be a decree, if there is no decree, the Ministry of Construction, Guidebook on the organization of apartment management.

It is time that the Ministry of Construction organizes a conference or workshop to review the remaining issues, review existing legal documents, a lack of anything based on the practice of the place.

On the site of the site, the Ministry of Construction is responsible for issues related to its management. If such conditions occur, the department must be responsible for the conduct. In case of failure, the leadership of the Ministry of Construction must be guided.

– What about the controversy about the responsibility for general asset management in resettlement projects?

– Managing resettlement and managing existing condominiums is a big problem. We talked a lot about that. Housing is now exposed to many management problems, such as dissatisfied people, management costs …

In general, the principle of management both in relocation and in housing is usually that the owner of the property is responsible for his property. In the apartment there are private properties, such as apartments, properties of apartments, stairs, corridors … are common property.

The current management issue is management of common property, community property. Some property entrusted to the owner of the property is unreasonable. See the community property that is property.

Indeed, recognition of common property is not clear. It is clear that when new is correct. This has to be defined in the agreement on the sale of housing. And for this contract to have a basis, the state must issue a law on housing.

Another problem that I find inappropriate is how the organization manages the present. In some projects, I now see that the administration has a police police force. This is funny.

The owner is responsible for the management of the apartment, the owner must meet to choose the board of directors to represent them and hire a professional management unit, preferably to find the manager according to the picture. Offer to ensure that everything is transparent and effective.

– Indeed, there are projects for the hiring of management companies, but are people still thinking about the effectiveness of the management of this company?

– Then there must be a penalty, see the contract, signed with them something.

Former Deputy Minister of Construction: Immaculate House after Resettlement Policy - Figure 2.

The relocation project of the stock market is reflected in a third of illegal households Photo: Lam Tung

A white shirt that does not change into a black shirt for sale

At the beginning of this year, the investor of the Hanco3 project for resettlement proposed that three buildings for the resettlement of Sai Dong would be demolished as part of the project for the construction of business houses. How do you rate this alternative?

– In my opinion, the fastest and most cost-effective solution for these three buildings is to turn these three resettlement houses into social housing. And in my opinion, investors who carefully calculated them, a plan for breaking. Something to build a commercial home that is then convinced that it is appropriate, it has to be counted who comes to stay, whether it is at home where someone will be.

– Generally, through non-resettlement projects, is the realization of a conversion of a purpose into a commercial apartment feasible?

– Indeed, only when the purpose of land is changed, for example, the government allocates land to an investor for the construction of a house, which the investor turns into a hotel project. If land is allocated for residential construction, the transition from relocation to social housing or to commercial housing is not a big problem. If the market has to be maneuverable if the production Ï needs to change, just like a white suit is not in the black shirt for sale.

So, I do not think it's important to move apartments into a commercial or residential home for people with low incomes. This depends on the owner until the use of land is incorrect.

But be careful about opportunism in this. There are cases when the investor is determined to be a commercial house, but rather as a resettlement house in order to reduce costs. When you are finished, it can not be converted into a commercial home. The state must see when the investor wants to build a resettlement house for which project for which the project.

– In areas that are far from the new center, it is not only about resettlement projects, there are actually projects on land where gold is sparsely populated, even for decades.

– In my opinion, it is only a temporary situation. Such settlement houses are usually constructed privately so that they can accept multiple projects in multiple locations serving multiple stages. At present, these projects have not been put into operation, therefore the conversion funds have been exceeded. As a result, with temporary apartments that are uninhabited, it is best to hire time. There is currently a large number of rental apartments.

– What are the options that can be used to address the resettlement situation, finished "ế" as today?

– Provisional rent is a temporary measure which can generally be applied to the existing status of the surplus of the housing stock. In the long term, monetary compensation should be granted to households in the area of ​​the safe area to find their proper home in the current way instead of the temple relocation.

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