The gruesome testimony of the murderer, burns the body in the barrel law


On the morning of May 11, the authorities of Don Duong and the Lamb of Dong districts coordinated to rebuild Luong Hong Wu (31-year-old, staying in the Loch Lamb Village, Loch Lamb commune) to beat his wife and use gasoline to burn Body to mourn.

Older Late Colonel Ho Quang Chanh (Deputy Head of Police Investigation Agency of Dong Duong District) said at 5:45 on May 10, Nguyen Thi Mai Anh (47 years old, living in Lac Lam Village) came to headquarters. The police at Don Duong District reported that their daughter was a scout (26 years old who was wild in the village).

She said she couldn't tell her daughter in the night on the eve of the eye, she asked her son-in-law, but the man answered that he didn't know where his wife was going. See, the attitude of the Sun-in-law is abnormal, Ms. Mai anh suspects her child has happened. On the morning of May 10, where two grandchildren were brought to leave, but did not know where to go.

The gruesome testimony of the woman's killer burns the body into a barrel - photo1 Massively people come to see the reconstruction of the crime scene.

As soon as they received the news, the police went to where & # 39; s wife & # 39; House to control and closed the door. The police asked Luong Hong Dat (38 years old, where his brother) to call his younger brother to ask the situation when Vu said the afternoon of May 10 would return.

At 14:20, on the same day, Vu called that to tell him he had "treated" his wife in the parents' warehouse. Listening to his brother's information, a cousin asked to check and find the victim's body burnt in the barbeque. This furnace is made of a barrel of a barrel.

The police at Don Duong District immediately took the survey to determine whether Vu was in Doyongong area (La Loi Street, Fan Tiet City), so he asked the city police to coordinate to arrest the suspect. Another reconciliation nose from the Don Duong District police has been recovered on Highway 20 and arrested in Gung Ri commune (the Linh district, Lamb Dong).

The scary witness of the woman's killer burns the body in a barrel - photo2Warehouse where his wife burned & # 39; s body.

At first Vu confessed that on the afternoon of May 8, he kicked the ball with his friends, then invited each other to drink and sing karaoke. At midnight, when he came to his house when his wife scolded him, he slapped his wife but didn't hit him, but was kicked in the stomach by her.

Seeing his wife not stop scalding her, where angered her NAD 2 angry and used iron pipe to strike and hit, hitting many heads in the head causing the victim to die right in front of the bedroom. After the project was completed, the husband took his wife to the toilet and washed the blood, tightly wrapped the body in two raincoats and two tarpaulin.

On the morning of May 9, when I went to a grocery store to buy 10 liters of gasoline, the gas tank was dumped 49 a -25,003 and then called the family's employees to carry the meat grill in the warehouse, saying To store it neatly. By 1:30 pm, when it broke out, where his wife's body was carrying the warehouse, she had a covered canvas and went to buy food and eat with his family as if nothing had happened.

At 1:30 am, on the morning of May 10, where two children were picked up in the car and drove to the front of the warehouse. The object was thrown into the oven and the fire turned on, and I led to the shore.

The scary witness of the woman's killer, burning the body into a barrel - offset 3Corner of warehouse where burned his wife's body

Police at the Don Duong District are conducting the recall and are investigating the case.

The Wicked Witness Of The Woman's Killer, Burn The Body In A Barrel - Photo 4Recovering material is said to be the furnace that burns the body

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