The director of the Binh Dinh police has addressed the serious problem of blue sea vehicles that killed two mothers and their children's society.


About this incident, according to the first survey result, at 15:45 on May 9, the marine car control 49a – 000.43 by Nguyen Huung Tung (29 years old, residing in Da Lat City, Lamb Dong Province). ) Control on QL1 in the north – south direction. When arriving at the route to avoid mine (passing by Truk Dao Hamlet, My Drink Commune, Fu Min District), this blue sea machine collided with an electric bike across the road.

The director of Binh Dash Police directed the serious handling of the blue sea vehicles that killed 2 mothers and their children - photo 1Current accident scene.

Therefore, the electric bicycle driver was identified as Ms. Trine Thy Kim Kim (24 years old, in Fu My Town, Fu Min District) and her daughter Boy T. Kim Binh (3 years old).

The strong impact caused her to die with her daughter.

"You must investigate the case strictly in accordance with the law, regardless of who caused the accident. What is the general direction of the government, the Ministry of Public Security. There is no problem in this regard," main general public comment. Nihen.

The case was clarified by the investigating authorities.

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