The Deputy Director General of Cienco 6 was not prosecuted


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Colonel Nguyen Van Thang – Head of the Department of Economic Police, Provincial Police Binh Duong, has informed the case regarding Mr. В П.А. – Deputy Director General for Civil Engineering 6.

On November 8, a Binh Duong police station held a press conference on the state of public security and serious cases that the provincial police are dealing with in the past. There are examples involving Mr. В П.А. – Deputy Director General Civil Engineering Construction Corporation no. 6 (Cienco 6), which was on March 3 in Thu Duc district in Ho Chi Minh City.

Information on this incident, Colonel Nguyen Van Thang – Head of the Economic Police Department, Provincial Police Binh Duong, said: "Construction 710 (Company 710), formerly known as the State of Cienco 6 Corporation, was divested in 2004. In 2001, 710 in Dong Hoa War applied the policy of implementing residential project staff and employees with an area of ​​over 4.6 ha, Di City, Binh Duong Province, and approved by the People's Committee of Binh Duong Province, the approval of a detailed design of 1/500.

In 2005, Vo P.A. As the company's director 710. According to the plan, Company 710 is divided into 200 plots of land with an area of ​​90-120 m2. However, the company allocated 10 lots and allocated 5 lots to individuals who are not eligible for the allocation of land in the total value of nearly 2.8 billion VND. "

Colonel Nguyen Van Thang added: "After the discovery of the violation, the Provincial People's Committee asked the provincial police to investigate, clarify. The police investigation found the above violations, so that 3/2018 Binh Duong police province have prosecuted the matter for the investigation.

For Mr A., ​​the police invite only to explain the violations that are related to him personally and individuals in the governing board. By the time A. was dead, the police had not yet prosecuted the accused against him.

At the scene, Deputy Director General Cienco 6 died in a position.

At the scene, Deputy Director General Cienco 6 died in a position.

According to the Provincial Inspectorate Binh Duong, although the project was approved, 710 Company did not contact the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment to establish a procedure for the submission of PPCs for the allocation of land; have not yet fulfilled the obligation to transfer the state budget but have issued decisions on the allocation of land contrary to their jurisdiction; Building management regulations have not yet been developed and submitted to the competent authorities for approval; Implementation of the project is not planned.

In addition, the balancing process does not include land in the value of the company; It is incredible that the inspection concludes that the company 710 has mortgaged its records, including the red book of the proposed plot. Project for the bank. This is a violation of the law because the red book was no longer valid because it was published by the Song Be Provincial People's Committee in 1992, and in 2016 the People's Committee of Binh Duong decided to cancel it.

In relation to wrong land work, the investigative agency proposed the termination of the transaction or the withdrawal of assets for the completion of the recovery, as prescribed. According to planning, the area of ​​land will propose to the authorities to issue certificates of land use rights to ensure the interests of individuals.

As Justice On Thursday morning, November 3, a security guard arrived at the housing unit of the project management unit, package 2 (the upper part and the depot belonging to Ben Tanja-Suoi Tien Metro project). Ha Noi Highway (in Truong Tho Ward, District Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City) found that PA died in a stagnation on the stairs.

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