Thailand number 23 is the number of matches from Vietnamese U23 in June


Thailand number 23 is the number of matches from Vietnamese U23 in June

Thai and Vietnamese teams at U23 and national level are quite similar. Especially in June this year, both the 23-level and the two-level national teams will be concentrated in the FIFA day. At the national level, Thailand and Vietnam will join the 2019 King's Cup. Meanwhile, 23 Vietnamese and Thailand 23 will also have very friendly matches.

Especially for U23 Vietnam, the coach and coach Kim Han Yoon will welcome u 23Manmar. The match is scheduled to take place in Phu Tho on June 7 and Thailand U23 will play 2 matches in Singapore's International Marilyn Cup 2019. The three teams that Thailand meets will be Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore boss.

U23 Thailand convinces 2 new recruits

The format of the Merlyon Cup 2019 is similar to the 2019 King's Cup. In particular, two pairs of matches begin on the first day (June 7), detailing the two teams winning the championship, the two teams losing the third place. Announced on May 23, Gama coach will close the list of 22 players to attend the tournament. According to the latest information from Siam's sport, Coach Gama, Thailand's second-part Middle East Jedadzakorn Kovengam, has joined forces; Midfielder Joourensak Wonghorn from Samut Pracan City.

It is known that the planning of Thailand is not only directed to Asia 23 championships but also the 2019 sea games at the end of the year.

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