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Saturday, 11/05/2015 00:01 (GMT + 7)

Many unpredictable and interesting scenarios will come in round 38 – the final round of the English Premier League this year in two pairs at 12:00 PM with the Man City and Liverpool coming in.

Liverpool's 3-2 choking victory video on Newcastle's field in the 37th Premier League this year:

Race the most complex codes of Traffic in history

Within 4 days, Liverpool Must go into two battles to determine the success of the 2018/19 season, which they strive to play and play or imagine. In the early morning of May 8, students and students of students creating an "earthquake" when beating 4-0 against Barcelona in Anfield's home to avoid their own 0-3 defeat at the new camp 1 week. Before.

Liverpool Championship - Man City: Heartbeat Unimaginable Scenario - 1

Liverpool livelihood famous for the Champions League

Liverpool Now, tickets have been playing the Champions League final for the second year in a row. But "the head" will have to keep their feet on the ground when the duel with Tottenham or Ajax Amsterdam in Europe will take place only 1/6.

Left forward Liverpool Is still a decisive match to welcome Wolverhampton at Anfield in the last 38 Premier League (Premier League) rounds at 9pm on Sunday 12/5 (Vietnam time). At the same time as that match, Manchester City Champions will be guests of Brighton & Hove Albion on Falmer.

Human City Championship Championship - Human City: Heartbeat Unimaginable Scenario - 2

People have the advantage of self-determination, but Liverpool still have a chance to win the Premier League in the final round.

It was a long time since the Premier League witnessed a race of attractive, double-coded championships that resulted in the final round of Liverpool and Man City this year.

Last weekend, at the 37th round, the penultimate round, Liverpool needed a late 79th winner of the "Super" Divock Origami to replace Mohamed Salah to overtake Newcastle 3-2. John's. James & # 39; Park. As for Human City, they also win 1-0 at Leister City's home to Ethihad thanks to the superbly half-captain of Midfielder Vincent's second half.

After 37 rounds of Man City has 95 points, the difference of +69 and the total number of goals scored 91 goals. While Liverpool has 94 points, 65 offsets and 87 goals total.

Human City Championship Championship - Man City: Heartbeat unimaginable scenario - 3

The 2-team positions lead and second in the English Premier League table this year before the final round

The English Premier League did not count directly against the disputed teams such as La Liga (Spain) or Serie A (Italy), and did not consider far-game criteria as FIFA applied in the last World Cup.

Therefore, if you have to determine the championship, or the European reliability or qualification between the same teams in points, the difference and the total number of goals scored will be decided by a play-off match.

In the end round on May 12, in the case of the Blue Man winning Brittany's field, Pep Guardiola's teachers and students will have 98 points and of course the second year in a row crowned the No. 1 Football League in The country. Without caring about the result of a match between Liverpool and Wolverhampton's "great killer".

If "The Citizens" equals brighten, "while Liverpool win" wolves "Wolves, Man City will be abandoned and only receive 96 points, while" the head "may be crowned.

If Pep Guardiola's city is lost to Brighton and Liverpool has Wolves, there would be three very interesting scenarios:

– The first case, If Blue Man loses Britain by 5 goals or more, Liverpool only need to pull Wolves with no score equal to the City (with 95 points), but George Clopp's side will be more effective. Aim – lose.

– The second case, If City loses Brittany by just 4 goals, Liverpool will win wolves with no score except 0-0, that is, 1-1 or even numbers with goal difference – Losing Man City to be honored when the two teams have 95 points and equalized the goal difference – lost (+65)

The third case, If Man City is in front of a bright 1-3-goal gap, Liverpool if the Wolves need a 4-1 or higher score, surely surpass Pep's team on the number of goals scored if the two teams are together The score (95 points) and the target difference – lost (maybe equal to +66).

For the first time the game-off match to identify the king?

In the history of the Premier League, he never played a game-off to determine the championship, but at least two seasons have been prepared for this scenario as the 1995/96 season in a very dramatic race between Mu and Newcastle. . At this time, the play-off tickets were printed and the time to play at the old Wembley Stadium was also released. But by the end of 1996, the English Premier League won 4 points in the "Magpies".

In the 2011/12 season it is also considered that the game was very high, but in the end, the People City won the game thanks to the better number of Mui (+64 compared to +56), although it was 89 Points.

Liverpool Championship - Human City: Heartbeat Animated Scenario - 4

Tickets for the play-off match against the Premier League championship between the US and Newcastle in the 1995/96 season are pre-printed despite being eventually unavailable.

Man City and Liverpool can also play in the Premier League title this year, in the final round of May 12, losing 4 goals in front of Brighton, Liverpool pull off 4-4. Therefore, "the Citizens" and "the head" will have the same 65 points and equal to the target difference – losing (+65) and the total number of goals (+91).

There is definitely a super-attractive scenario and an opportunity to win the Championship of Liverpool's Premier League and Champions League this year.

Liverpool beat Barca Q1 Cup: Mu aide must be respected

After the shock of Barcelona, ​​Liverpool is a great chance to sorrow for Manchester City and Man City.

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