Nong Sun & # 39; Played Big & # 39; Given a 7 billion dot watch to Thai Chao Singer | Culture


In the backstage of Listen to me sing, Ngoc Sun surprised everyone when deciding to donate a brand watch to Thai Chao Singer. This is a watch from the famous brand of Switzerland, a limited edition worth 7 billion dollars. Last night Their favorite. He revealed that this was a gift given to him by a younger brother. Today, Jesus will give it back to his elder brother as a souvenir.

Sharing this "great game" reason, Nongok's son said: "I have long admired your voice. Today's day of participation Listen to sing, I have this watch for you. The love in this accessory is very large. In response to the birth singer of the 1970s, Thai Chao Singer happy: "In the heart of Nong Son, Taiyla Chao not need to know. Once given, it is not returned. Ngoc San will not be able to sleep today Night Do not sleep peacefully".

Nokok sun & # 39; plays great & # 39; To give a 7 billion dong watch to Thai Chao Singer - Photo 1

Singer Thai Chao is not a gift

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This is not the first time Nongo's son made the audience "surprised" about their terrible fortune. Prior to that, he used to cause a jam when sharing a big-letter house in the center of Ho Chi Minh City and many drivers of cash boxes. In 2000, Ngoc Son was shocked to invest 1,000 gold trees to create his own statues and put them in front of the house. The male singer is proud of this unprecedented & # 39; & # 39; Work in the world.

Also in the program, frankly shrouded in the sun when people were saying "acting", "eccentric" when sitting in a warm seat. This assessment comes from the fact that male singers are not afraid to go on stage to dance or illustrate the contestants. Vocal Last night He did so to help young singers feel comfortable, relieving exams. He confided: "People are asking me I'm not angry, in my soul there is a crystal. There is no anger at anyone, and anyone who strikes me is hurting others first."

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