My life is full and my husband is full of shocks

Regarding the incident of murder of the owner of the brisk trade and the burning body on the ground, afternoon of 13/11, a CSDT public safety representative. Haiphong confirmed the arrest of Vu The Thuy (SN 1986), who lives in the village of Doc Hanh, the municipality of Thang Thang (Tien Lang County), while hiding in Mong Cai.

The victim was identified as Nguyen Thi H. (1989), residing in the village of Khoi Vy Ha, the municipality of Quang Phuc, Hai Duong. Mrs. H. is a hairdresser and a beautician.

The owner of a beautiful hairdresser was murdered, burning a corpse in the middle: life and two waves filled with a terrible husband - Photo 1.

A nice hairdresser was murdered and burnt in the middle of the field. Source: Dan Viet

According to his son in yesterday's daily Dan Viet, the circumstances of the victim's family are much easier Born in a family of four children, his mother died up to 5 years old, his father stepped on. The economy was so narrow that Mrs. H. had to leave school early, she decided to marry a man in the Tien Lang district.

However, her husband Hilda played the bar and then locked in jail. Depressed with family life with her husband, who is not so insensitive, H. decided to separate.

After that, she continued with another husband in Vinh Bao County and in the 4th grade she got a daughter.

But other weddings have been stormy when her husband's drug addiction has spread, they have split.

The owner of a beautiful hairdresser salon was murdered, burning the body in the middle: life is big and two waves full of wind - Picture 2.

Vu Vu Thuy's audience. Photo: Public Security Office

In the Dan Viet newspaper, her neighbor said that after the marriage was over a year ago, Mrs. H moved into her maternity home and asked for hair cut training, then crashed to open the store. Hair near the house. L have a lot of feelings lately a man in the municipality of Chan Hung, Tien Lang County. But unexpectedly, his boyfriend killed his heart that he robbed the property.

According to the newspaper, known as work, the inquiry Thuy Binh admitted that the boy's sister was a victim, while in debt, because he knows that H. has a lot of resources, the object appeared. killed H. for proper disposal of property.

Accordingly, in the evening of 7/11, Mrs Thuy invited H. to play with the Red Airblade's motorcycle. When H. moved to the area of ​​the dyke of Bac Phong village, Kien Thiet municipality, the building stopped to go to the toilet. When exploiting her H. did not notice that Thuy knife hit the victim's neck, then pushed Mrs. H. across the banks of the River Binh.

Then Thuy continued to use a gas hose that damaged the victim. After death, bring the grass covered and then the victim of a motorcycle in Vinh Bao district to buy gasoline for fuel. Before firing a body other than a tang, subjects that are supposed to sacrifice property include: a chain, a gold ring, a phone, a bag.

Then remove the number plate and ask the bearer to pledge 25 million. Later Thuy escaped to Mong Cai and asked her to hide in China.

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