Mrs. Huong Giang suddenly announced that the "third person" is a close friend?


Miss Huong Giang is surprised when she shared the story of a "third person".

WATCH VIDEO: Huong Giang claims to be the "LGBT community queen" who is capable of seeing a third gender.

Recently, on the Instagram social website, Miss Huong Giang suddenly published a status line that covered the third person in a relationship.

Specifically, she wrote: "The third person is never interested in me, because if a person disagrees, then no one can naturally become a third person! The third person never has the opportunity to contact him! Unless … the third person … is yours best friend. "

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Huong Giang shared the status line of "third party".

Huong Giang participants were immediately discussed by fans. An audience member said she was only talking about free run, some say it's a real story that Miss Huong Giang meets.

Before that, Miss Universe International Transfer 2018 caused the community to flutter when a number of images showed that after the show, a man was a Thai man. According to the published information, Huong Giang Idol also his This boy proposed.

It is known that Huong Giang brought flowers actor, a model from Thailand. His name is Jack Su, Thai and Chinese bloodline, joined The Face Men Thailand in the first season and coach Lukkadej.

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Previously, the Internet community woke up information about Huong Giang proposed by a Thai man.

Miss Huong Giang, following the photos and information on the "Proposal Proposal" on the social network, argued that this was not true. Currently, Huong Giang is still single and does not know when to marry.

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