Mr. Biden has only referred to the current “enemy” of America

Thursday 26/11/2020 19:15 (GMT + 7)

Mr. Joe Biden, who is being called the “Presidential Electoral Officer” of the major American media, delivered his first “non-political” speech since Election Day on November 25. In his speech, Mr. Biden pointed to a dangerous “enemy” that America faces.

Mr. Biden has confirmed that the US. It. Should fight against the “enemy” of Cowid-19, not one against the other (Photo: Reuters)

If you look back at the history of America, you can see that the soul of the American was forged in the most difficult of circumstances. “I know we are all tired of the war against Cowid-19, but please continue,” Mr Biden said.

Biden said that observing Cowid 19 was “a duty of a patriot” and that wearing a mask was an appropriate precaution. Mr. Biden’s message seems to contradict Mr. Trump’s previous position when he considers Cowid-19 as a “minor flu.”

We need to know that Cowid 19 is an enemy of America. We are not at war with viruses. Definitely so, “Mr. Biden emphasized.

“Nothing in the precautions against Covid-19 that I advise you to follow has anything to do with political purposes. What I am saying is based on science, Mr Biden has confirmed.

According to experts, the prevention of Covid 19 combined with the recovery of the US. It. Economy is a difficult job that Mr. Biden and the new administration must have after January 20 of the following year.

Mr. Biden is now properly prepared. Finish the raging Cowid-19 in the US. It. Is also Mr. Biden’s most important commitment to the people.

“We have good news about the Covid-19 vaccine. It is about to appear. Please be patient. Take steps recommended by health authorities to keep the virus under control.

The health systems of many localities are in danger of being overloaded. I did not forget myself. I’m telling the truth. “I believe that you deserve to hear the truth from the President that you voted for,” he said. Biden emphasized, ostensibly to mean that Mr. Trump easily took the threat of the epidemic by the time the Cowid-19 outbreak began. In US.

“Each of us has a responsibility for our own lives and for those around us. Do everything you can to stop the spread of Cowid-19,” Mr Biden said.

As of November 26, the United States has recorded a total of 13.1 million covid -19 infections and more than 260,000 deaths.


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