Malaysia sweats unhappy before defeating the prime minister in Vietnam

Highlights AFF Cup 2018: Malaysia 3-1 Laos

After losing on the day of the army, the Lao team must win points against the match of Malaysia to have the hope of going forward. From this start, Laos is different from Vietnam's defeat.

In the previous game, a team from a country with millions of elephants actively step back into the yard and kill immediately after a whistle. In this game, Laos played more active and self-confident. Visitors in the center of the yard did not leave the opponent in the ball, which actively pressed from the early.

On the Malaysian side, they have to win, even win the match in order to balance the difference with the Vietnamese phone.

Malaysia is sweating, unhappy before the defeat of the prime minister in Vietnam - Photo 2.

Phytack Kongmathilath (No. 22) celebrates the goal of opening.

In the opposite side of the right wing, "Messi Lao" Vongchiengkham fell, and the referees for Laos were given a free kick. Phytack Kongmathilath has a great chance to score, but his shot is very good for football.

After an early defeat, the Malaysian team must naturally have to give the team an attack in order to find the target and Laos is the basis for the team to make a game like Vietnam. Unfortunately, guests of Lao can not have the advantage of a long time. In the 15th place, Syahmi Safari hit the heels of his teammates, escaped to the right wing and scored a line through Zaquan Adha entered the equalizer equalizer 1-1.

Malaysia is sweating, unhappy against the loss of Prime Minister of Vietnam - Photo 3.

Zaquan Adha has taken a stand for Malaysia.

The Malaysian team often attacks the deadlock, which is well known: push the ball to the right wing of the conjunction, cross the defenders who are horizontal or crossed. This is what Coach Park Hang-Seo will surely notice in students.

In the remaining minutes of the first half of the year, Malaysia faced a delay in the deployment phase. Coach Sundramoorthy Laos instructed students to tighten their wings and block the article from Malaysia. 1 to one with 1-1 draw.

In the second half, coach Tan Chang Hoeng decided to be weird. By the 62nd minute, he used all three rights to change people. This again proves that it is a thirst for goals in Malaysia. Lao regrutes constantly faced severe waves before the home team attack. Goalkeeper Nammakhot is the most important player, he constantly has the ball to block the ball against fraud.

On the 67th and 68th place, Malaysia had obvious prospects for promotion. The head of the first Aidil Zafuan hit the crossbar. Akram Mahinan was a disappointment, however. Ahmad Hazwan was the replacement. It is a shame when a ball is in the guard of this player on the ball to depart from the goal of full grace.

Malaysia is sweating, unhappy before defeating the prime minister in Vietnam - Photo 4.

Goalkeepers Laos players emphasize the game most.

Laos is tense to support the aggressive wave of Malaysia. Visitors are struggling hard throughout the game, but at the last moment they did not have a breath and left Malaysia a success. Members of this competition are likely to feel that the same goal can always come with the host at any time. And finally, what happened. In the situation of chaos before the opponent, Gen Talaha quickly and near the end of the city to increase the score to 2-1.

The permanent table lost its grief, which quickly employed Laos. In the second minute, Talaha bounced back into the empty space, caught the ball and defeated the Laos defender with a 3-1 victory for Malaysia.

Malaysia is sweating, unhappy before defeating the prime minister in Vietnam - Photo 5.

Employment in Laos has lost, but deserves praise for the spirit of courage.

But Laos deserves praise. They absolutely adhere to the tactics of the trainer Sundramoorthy, while expressing the spirit of exceptional courage and progress compared to the defeat in Vietnam.

On the Malaysian side, this victory is not convincing, albeit much higher than Laos. Hostels attacked, most of the time holding the ball, but it turned out to be very attractive, hasty and insensitive.

However, 3 points in Bukit Jalil retained the first place in Group A. Malaysia immediately led to Vietnam to prepare for the match on 16 November.

Malaysia is sweating, unhappy before defeating the prime minister in Vietnam - Photo 6.

Group A after November 12.

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