"Lowered" by raising car prices to 5 times

Many people in HCM City have expressed different views on the highest car price five times higher than the old regulations. However, the new regulation will encourage companies to invest in modern parking lots in the future.

Decision no. 35/2018 of the Ho Chi Minh City Committee, which is in force from 1 October 2015 to adjust the maximum price of car supply services with funds outside the national budget of the area, has opposite views. different.

More precisely, according to the new regulations, the price of a car is up to 9 seats and trucks with a capacity of less than 1.5 tonnes, the maximum price for the plant (in the first two hours) is 35,000 VND, the next hour The maximum is 20,000 VND. The maximum price for a monthly car is 5 million / car / month.

Car rental costs 5 times
The car users in Ho Chi Minh City may need to pay a monthly rent increase five times.

With passenger cars with more than 9 seats and trucks with a tonnage of over 1.5 tons, the maximum 4-hour deposit rate is 100,000 VND. If more than 4 hours in the next 4 hours. Monthly automotive pass for this type of car is up to 5 million VND / cars / month.

Meanwhile, Decision 6888 (December 2016) of the People's Committee of the City of Ho Chi Minh has the highest rental price of vehicles under 10 seats per month from 750,000 to 1 million and cars with more than 10 seats from 1 to 1.25 million.

Consequently, monthly car prices increased by five times in less than two years. This led to mixed opinions.

Mr Nguyen Trong Dat (a resident of district 3) said he was sending seven seated cars in the Hoang Sa. The monthly car is 1.2 million VND. However, soon after knowing the rules of the new car, it is really "shocked".

"They are coming, the owner of a car park, which increases the price with the rules, I do not know how to handle it. My car buys meals, besides spending money for the family, I have to pay more than 11.6 million VND for the principal and interest every month," said Dat .

Car rental costs 5 times
Currently, HCM City is a serious lack of modern parking lots because companies are not interested in investing because the price of a car is so expensive.

According to Dat, the rise in car prices is needed in a more appropriate way, as the per capita income now stands at around 18 million per month. If the cost of sending a car is 5 million VND / month, then the car accounts for 27% of people's income, which is unreasonable.

Contrary to Mr. Data's view, Thanh Long (located in Tan Phu County) has supported the rise in car prices as it is today because it believes that limitation of city car personal cars is reasonable.

"The price of cars is becoming cheaper, the demand for cars is rising and technological taxis are in booming," said Long, "if the funds for personal development that are too fast, the city's traffic can not meet."

Car rental costs 5 times
In accordance with the new regulations, the prices of motorcycles also rise, but not significantly.

Raise the price to have a better future?

According to the City Department of Transportation HCM, people can not see the effect of adjusting the highest price of automotive services. However, the increase in the parking fee on the street was effective.

Specifically, during the period of increasing the level of parking under the road on 23 lines in the center of the city, the car took the road all day, as it had previously decreased considerably.

Previously, because of the parking fee there is only 5,000 VND / time, so many drivers use the road to turn to a temporary parking lot throughout the day, instead of just temporary use, which hinders traffic.

However, since August 1st, fees have increased by 20,000 to 40,000 VND / cars / hour, which made people take into account the use of cars in the CBD or switch to other assets, thus contributing to easier traffic than before.

Car rental costs 5 times
An increase in car prices will be taken by many people when using cars in the city. People may need to choose another car to replace the car.

We can see that the increase in parking costs and the highest price adjustment for automotive services of the HCM Municipal People's Committee is on the right track. So far, the number of private passenger cars has increased. Meanwhile the parking lot is seriously missing. Companies are not "extraordinary" with an investment to build a modern car park because the price of the car is too "a pendant".

Adjusting the highest cost of parking services will encourage social capital to invest in the construction of future car parks in the city to address the current lack of parking spaces, especially in the future. downtown area.

Decision No. 35/2018 of the Municipal People's Committee of HCM stated that the highest price of car care services for the center of districts 1, 3 and 5 for bicycles, electric bikes of 2,000 VND vehicle / day, VND4,000 / car / night and VND100,000 / car / month. In the meantime, the price of motorcycles (including electric motorcycles) is divided into two groups. More specifically, motorcycles are sent to schools, hospitals, bus stations, markets, supermarkets, entertainment, public events, cultural homes, children's homes, youth centers, the highest price of VND 4.000 / vehicle / day, VND 6000 / car / night, and VND 210.000 / car / month. Places not listed on the above list will have a parking price of 6,000 VND / time 4 hours per day, 9,000 VND / time 4 hours at night and 310,000 VND / cars / month. Last 4 hours, the next 4 hours. By decision 35/2018, the night time is from 18h day before 6h the next day. If the car care period is less than 12 hours and the car care time is 18 hours more than the daily speed and vice versa. Total car maintenance time of 12 hours or more is collected days and nights.

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