Live Manchester City vs. Manchester United Premier League football today




City crossing bets have pierced United on their first knockout. Ilkay Gundogan was substituted by Bernardo Silva in the penalty area. And according to the situation, the German player did not make a mistake in scoring and retained three points that undoubtedly stayed in Etihad.


The Reds try their best, but City learned from Juventus in the middle of the week. Green Man chose high security cards to keep the ball firm, making visitors unwilling to close Edson's goal.


United attempt to stay in the middle of the pitch, but Man City retains the ball and passes the ball too well. The red can not have the ball to attack the attack, but they are still pressing very enthusiastic.


Get lost!

Man City had the opportunity to oppose Stage 4, but failed. Sterling crosses for Sanea, but the behavior of the German team is too personal. This Sane's last shot unfortunately brought to heaven.


Coach Mourinho has two consecutive changes on the line. Mata and Sanchez were chosen to replace Herrera and Rashford.


United play moderate. It looks like Red Devils were waiting for the new Mourinho instructions when preparing for the change in the attack.



Leroy Sane has a ball that is in front of the MU restless. He betrayed the ball favorably for Fernandinho. Unfortunately, the Brazilian long shot could not beat De Gea.


Man City is still the dominant and dominant property of Man United. However, the appearance of Lukaku also helped the stage of red devils.


After defeat, coach Pep Guardiola adjusted. Leroy Sane entered the game for Riyad Mahrez.



On punishment, Martial fooled Ederson to shorten the gap for United. There is still the possibility that red intrusion will continue to exist.



Romelu Lukaku had a good opportunity to give his team the lead. The referee was not hesitant to penalize a penalty shot.


The first change was made by United Man. Lingard travels to Romelu Lukaku.


Mata, Lukaku and Sanchez started from the field. That is the hope that at the current Etihad Stadium there is a turning point for Manchester United.



At the start of the second half, Man City scored twice. An additional phase to lose the ball from the middle of the United and the goal came. Aguero greatly raised Mahrez to withdraw Lindelof's lead before hitting De Gea in the corner.

TWO INCREASES! Both teams do not change after a break.

ЗАПРТО ТЕРМО! Man City is in front of David Silva. They try to lift the united, but the power is limited, so it can not break the goal of the green man. Coach Mourinho will have to seek help from stronger attack cards if he wants to make a point on Etihad today.



Herrera had a third goal when she lost the ball in the middle of the pitch and almost forced United to pay. Bernardo Silva collected the ball and moved Aguero. However, as in this situation, Aguero was reduced and the Argentine striker could only hit the net.


By the Mahrez's Luke Shaw received a yellow card after 22 minutes for unsportsmanlike behavior. This error gives the opportunity to cross the ball for a relatively dangerous green man.


Counterattack MU a very lack of vitality. Both Rashford, Lingard and Martial are lacking in creativity. The speed of these players can not be promoted if they are too alone.


Bernardo Silva must get a yellow card for the illegal blocking of Rashford. The Brazilian power in the ball is so strong that the penalty it must receive is worth it.


After a 10-minute increase without hits, United returned to defense. Perhaps this tactic will take place in the first 15 minutes of the first half.



United are looking for options from the cross. This time, Smalling has a very good phase, but it's not timely, so you can only insert the ball into the sky on the ball.


Man United chose a match for this match. Nevertheless, the apparent opportunity has not yet come to the Mourinho army.


Herrera was stunned after a collision with Sterling. He tried to play again but was closed and the referee was forced to call the medical team on the court immediately.


Confused United Man Man clear. Mourinho were also trying to attack when their line was dominatingively. It's hard to find red devils without a human touch.

Statistics: This was the first time David Silva was in three consecutive domestic games for the City.



The city reached its initial goal. Sterling penetrates to the right. The Brazilian returned to David Silva. And in an empty position, Silva drove De Gea straight into the net.


The site is still knitting on Man Untied site without too much trouble. The sides of Pep Guardiola play very well and the opportunities they have made are so much that Reds have complete defense.


Man City attacked in the first minute. Sterling crossed the penalty area, but he could not get past his foot.



Bernardo Silva was the first to reach the corner kick, but his header was blocked by the keeper. Brazilian left football, but the ball did not miss the lightning.

POKLIČITE! The Man City home page serve the ball before.

In the last 15 years, Manchester United won the most victories at Etihad Stadium (8 times). In the last home match against Manchester City, Red Devils beat the neighbors 3-2 in the first half.

It's the 300th game that coach Jose Mourinho led the Premiership team in which he has 189 wins, the best performance in this tournament history, like Sir Alex.

In this match, coach Jose Mourinho has caused fans not to be surprised when attackers Alexis Sanchez and Romelu Lukaku are on the bench. Meanwhile, the most expensive contract in the history of the team, the midfielder Paul Pogba is not even registered for the game.


Pep Guardiola (Man City): "This time, we can not remove United from the Premier League. They are still a very dangerous team and we have to be careful."
Coach Jose Mourinho (Man Utd): "We all know the strength of Man City, and therefore, the United must be stronger and more mature. Good results for the city can be our turning point this season."

On the other hand

– Man City wins and wins at least 2 goals per game in their last seven domestic leagues in the English Premier League
– Manchester United has scored at least 2 goals in 4 previous matches in English
– Man City has a series of six wins in a row, while United won three consecutive games.
– Man City loses more than won in domestic matches against United (25 and 27)


– Man City won 10, lost 7/20 in Asia.
– 13 recent city matches have common goals.
– Man United won eight, losing the last 10/20 Asian match.
– The last 13/20 matches of M.U have common goals.


At least 3 goals: 16/20 home matches Manchester City is at least three times more net vibrations. Similar scenarios have the last 14/20 matches of United. NHM should wait after the first 15 minutes and then trust the ratio of at least 3 goals in the game.

Information Force

City: Bravo, De Bryne, Mangal damage
MU: Dalton injury, Lukaku, Sanchez, Valencia, who open the option

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