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It happens from the hot clip of the spouse receiver – DVO


In the afternoon of July 22, Hanoi Police Department said that the coordinating unit of Dong Da District Police was clarifying the distribution of & # 39; hot & # 39; Clips from a spa receptionist.

The victim in the clip is Ms. L.P.P. (Temporary residence in Dong Da District, Hanoi) accompanies his relatives to report to the Criminal Police Department.

Criminal police department analyst said one of Ms. P.'s survivors remained in Dong Da District.

Now le tan bi launched the clip of a curse
Receptionist and boyfriend in the conversation

Today, the video records the relationship of a couple of people and women who do not appear in the building of a building spread on social networks.

From the Nameshake on the Women's uniform, the Nazarene found the girl's name and workplace.

Soon, personal information and photos of Mrs. P. appeared on websites, collected and shared by many people.

Another remarkable thing, the male protagonist in the clip of many rumors, said that was the owner of the spa shop where Mrs. P. worked.

Before the noise around the incident, on July 21, the spa owner H.N. (Where Ms. P. works), the male in the clip was not her husband.

The spa salon owner said that the nettles gave her husband's image and subsequently affirmed to P. affected her family and her business.

The spa salon owner also added that after the incident happened, the male character in the clip (who was supposed to be the future husband of her husband – PV) also confirmed that it was a clip that I filmed and kept up . Like a memory.

But unfortunately, due to the negligence of the two men who exposed the clips to the outside, they were abused by the bad guys, spreading with many institutional words and images of insult.

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