Getting in the night of his deadly death, his wife burned the body … went to the beach


On the 10th of the night, the police of the Lam Dong Province arrested the suspected Luong Hong Wu, 32 years old, residing in Luck Lamb commune, Don Duong District, Lamb Dong Province to investigate the murder.

According to initial information from the investigation agency on the night of 8-5, Luong Hong where and his wife, Nguyen Kim Hong, 26 years old (living together in Luck Lamb commune), conflict with the family so the couple fought, Hong Kong's leading husband died.

Vu then took his wife's body to the Vu's warehouse & # 39; Parents (also in Lac Lam Community, who is now traveling) and put it in a barrel and burned it.

On May 9, the victim's family could not contact her daughter. When asked to come home, Luong Hoang said she did not know, so she reported to the local police.

On the night of 9-5, the family's car drove two daughters (6 years old and 4 years old) to go to Fan Thiet beach.

Received the News of the Victims – Families, Police at Don Duong District found and discovered Nguyen Kim Hong's body. Determination is a murder, the investigation agency of Lamb Dong Province police is organizing a search for the culprit.

When the incident came to light, on May 10, Luong Hoang drove away from Fan Thiet to Don Duong to confess. On the way back, Luong Hoang was arrested by functional forces when he arrived in the Lin District.

Lamb Dong police said that on the morning of May 11, Lam Dong Province authorities examined the scene of the murder to investigate and clarify the case.

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