Extension of the $ 25,000 prostitution investigation

Wednesday, 21/11/2015 12:19 PM (GMT + 7)

It is necessary to consolidate the testimony of the long legs for prostitution in a big buckcher prostitution, so the Police of Ho Chi Minh City to extend the investigation.

On November 21, the CSIT of Ho Chi Minh City Police said the extension of the first investigation into the case of "Broker Prostitution" for the defendant Kiv Dai (self-1996, born Bin Din). The reason is to explain some of the testimonies of the DU as well as the testimony of the actors, models, MXs to sell sex.

Extension of prostitution trafficking investigator $ 25,000 - 1

A long-tale prostitute was found in the line of Mr. Qiu Doy Diu's hole

Case records show, after graduating from college, NH do more in the Noodle store shrimp sauce. Due to the time to move models, MC to the hotel sex workers should have the intention to broker prostitution for a commission.

Extension of prostitution trafficking investigator $ 25,000 - 2

The Dai Qaw Dai Dong

Since then, Doy on the social network to make accounts, information provided to the actors, MC guests at bargain prices. Among the long-tier prostitutes there is a runner TD. With MC C.V. When arrested the beautiful people claim to get from $ 7,000 – $ 25,000 per turn. The lesser girls will cost $ 300 – $ 1,000 per turn.

Each time the model, MC sex sellers often push higher prices from $ 900 to $ 2,000 to benefit. In the afternoon of 30-8, about 40 scouts police department of police in Ho Chi Minh City entered administrative investigation 2 hotels on Nam Quok Kang Street (FAM Nguo Lao Ward, District 1) and Tran Hung Tao Street (Ward 2, District 5 ), Seized 4 pairs of men and women are buying sexual acts. In the hotel in Nam Quoc Cang, there is a runner TD walking for $ 7,000 per person, while the actor and McSV. Travel $ 1,500 per visitor.

The unusual about the prostitution line is $ 25,000

In order to eradicate the prostitution ring, there are some prostitutes that are bad models, models, presenters.

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