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Cool Penalty for Images of People | News


Of the 1.8, the Traffic Police Department of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department received the clip of people recording vehicles with signs of violating the road traffic law to verify and handle.
According to Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Wan Binh, head of the Traffic Police Department of the Road and Railroad (PC08) of Ho Chi Minh City Police, the shooting of infringing vehicles and sending to PC08 will help ensure traffic safety. , Increasing deterrence with violators.

How does the camera recognize the face of people in Ho Chi Minh City? – Video material

Violence is full of sugar

23.7 morning, PV group Thanh Nien Present on the parallel road of Hanoi highway (section of MK intersection – Binh Thai crossroads, belong to Fok Long A, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City). This road is less than 2 km long and has a container truck and truck ban from 6 to 22 hours a day. But even in the forbidden hours, many container trucks and tank trucks are still on the route to get in and out of the nearby parking lot and concrete plants, such as: container truck 51C-574.86; 51C-571.62; 51C-575.06 …

Similarly, in the city center, PV also recorded many cases of tank tracks in the forbidden hours, no roads in the afternoon of July 23 on the roads of Le Duan, Ton Duc Thang and Nguyen Huu Canh …

Noon 22.7, many vehicles are slowing down Nguyen Van Ku Bridge, "makeshift" turn right towards Pham De Hien street, while the vehicles go from Pham The Hien street to Duong Ba Trac Street (District 8). The machine should often be off frequently. On the Nguyen Hue street (Ben Nghe Ward, District 1), the red light situation has also happened "like meals". Around 11:30 pm, on July 23, we were in a red light duty and noticed that the situation of red lights was frequent, at most motorbikes …

Cool penalty form of man's image

Motorbike over red lights on Nguyen Huge Street (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City)

Get all the errors

5 days from the army, Ho Chi Minh City Police established more than 2400 violation records

The above violations if recorded by the person can be sent to PC08 for this unit to handle. According to lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Bain, the people who turned the clips of vehicles in violation of all the errors brought directly to the PC08 headquarters (341 Tran Hung Dao, District 1) and would have reception staff. PC08 will have a record of receiving clips provided by these people, and will confirm the media owner; Invite violators to work, make records, and issue decisions about administrative sanctions.

"The clip of turning people should be clear, continuous, without cutting. The contents of the clip clears the times, space, and size of the vehicle, it would be very convenient for the Traffic Police to confirm and sanction the vehicles," "Lieutenant Colonel has a stronghold.

Also, lieutenant colonel bean, which provided the Traffic Police Clip, was responsible for the content of the clip content. Therefore, when they come to PC08 headquarters to provide clips, one should bring personal identification documents for the reception staff to record in minutes. It is also for the authorities to notify the results of the processing, or exchange when more verification and processing information is needed.

Answer the question why you only get to headquarters, but not at all Traffic Police teams; At the same time, expanding through other channels such as social networks, E-mail … to facilitate and encourage people to record images of violators contributed to ensuring traffic order and safety, Lieutenant Colonel Bean said the reception was only Made in the PC08 headquarters because it is equipped with storage equipment, with data to search and verify vehicle owner information. From those data, PC08 has enough grounds to invite owners of vehicles to violate, make records and issue decisions about administrative sanctions.

The traffic police do not get through other channels, the Trung dozen explains the direct reception, the minute is in order to avoid the case of those who hate or rival each other to cut pictures and go to condemn, so they must know people. Who is supplying; Whether or not the clip is cut, technical intervention. "People will send clips through e-mail, Facebook, Zalo … It will be very difficult for the police to investigate and verify the origin of the clip, as well as the identity of the supplier of the clip", Lieutenant Colonel Binne said .

Failure to pay a penalty will deny the registration

80% of violators do not close "cool penalty" in Traffic Police in Ho Chi Minh City

According to Lieutenant Colonel Binne, the traffic police will, after receiving the clips of the people, inspect and verify the measures of violation; Invite violators to make records and issue sanctions decisions. "The processing time is fast or slow due to the cooperation of violators with the traffic police. The process of handling the clamp provided by the people will be the same as handling the PC08 violations that have been in place for a long time," said Lieutenant Colonel bean.

It is, however, the fact that the handling of violations by images has been some difficulty in the past, especially the violators have not cooperated in the absence of strong sanctions measures. According to PC08, in the first 6 months of 2019, the unit only sanctioned 16.52% of violations recorded by Traffic Police. Most of the drivers of the vehicles were not reported to work, even though the traffic police were invited.

Currently, PC08 cooperates with the City Police Department of Transportation to study and discuss the design of powerful vehicle owner sanctions, which does not comply with the list of vehicles in the system and vehicle registration system. "Lieutenant Colonel Binne said, adding that if the offensive vehicle was enrolled, the system will notify the vehicle owner that did not follow the penalty and request the owner of the vehicle to pay the fine before continuing. Similarly, when buying and selling, the owners of infringing vehicles must pay a fine before they are trained by the traffic police.

The 775 camera supports the extraction of sunken images

This afternoon of July 23, Mr. Donan Van Tan, director of the Saigon River Tunnel Management Center (then referred to as the Center), said that since 2013, the Center has worked with the Traffic Police Department to "punish hot and cold" . Violation, shoot speed for violating vehicles … The two sides have also signed a coordination plan in handling traffic violations. Meanwhile, PC08 officers and soldiers walking through the center to observe traffic situations, handle violations, handle traffic jams and traffic jams; Sharing clips beyond the speed of PC08 to handle … "775 low, medium and high-range cameras are now being installed at complex intersections, frequent congestion and traffic accidents. The information is connected to the center. The cameras are of good quality. Can zoom, shoot images in many positions to support the extraction of sanctified images, "Mr. Tan.


Danang receives all channels

In Da Nang, according to the Traffic Police Department of the City Police, the current punishment for traffic violation is through many channels. In addition to the surveillance camera system, computer errors are automatically captured on the street, images recorded by functional forces … also provided by the people. Traffic police City Police set up an account on Facebook social network "Katp Da Nang Traffic Police", attracting nearly 30,000 members, to create more convenient channels for interaction with people outside traditional channels such as mailing, email, Hotline messages. The effect of the information provided shows that people agree to donate comments, refuse traffic violations, contribute to the construction of urban culture culture culture, traffic safety.

Regarding the process of handling violations based on clips, images of the provided people, Lieutenant Colonel La Van Luke, Deputy Head of Traffic Police Department of Da Nang City Police, shared the receiving of the clips, the police invited the owners. Easy to open the clip with concern; Those who violate the recognition of acts have to make a new record. The most mobile phones today are quite modern; The person who provided the clip with the phones clearly located at the time and place, so that almost all forces have received good cooperation from violators so far. There is no question of not recognizing behavior or controversy, "said senior Lieutenant Colonel Luke.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Fan Van Thoong, Deputy Head of Traffic Police Department of Da Nang City Police, said that in order to touch the "ambush", after receiving the clip, the defense force is actively connected to other sources. , Use professional measures to control the reliability of information in the clip. We have decided that the clip of these people is a source of evidence, not all. In some cases, the clip is not clear, we actively contact the supplier and ask for more information; If sufficient evidence is available, the violator will be invited. If this is not enough, and the act of non-infringement is also explained to the supplier, "Lieutenant Colonel Thuong said, and until now, the cases of violations have been invited to confirm violations.

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