Controversial picture of a 9-degree memory being missed by its teacher in the classroom


Controversy on the 9th century image of a male boring his teacher right in the classroom - 1

The picture of a teacher catching a 9th-century male student boring in a classroom at To secondary school, Thuong Tin District, Hanoi is causing a stir (Photo: Hai won).

On May 10, on Facebook, a photo of a student at Hanoi was arrested in front of the lecture in school hours, accompanied by a petition by parents on this issue.

According to the content, the incident was at the Secondary School, Thuong Teen District, Hanoi. Class 9B home theater teacher is. Make students kneel in class.

"Level 2 is the age of injury, physiological changes should be stubborn, difficult to learn is normal.

It can be punished by standing in the corner of the classroom, going out, asking the family to meet or asking for a suspension … but the way this teacher does … Education without punishment is kneeling... ", Content is posted with photos on Facebook social network which crimes a stir.

Controversy on the 9th century image of a male teacher right in the classroom - 2

The petition of the male family caught by the classroom teacher sent to Thuong Teen District People's Committee and Education & Training Department.

The atmosphere of the University of the Sun has been arrested on their knees, suggesting to send to the People's Committee of Thuong Tin District, the Education and Training Department of Thuong Tin District – Hanoi City.

"Today I write this application and please respect Thuong Tin District People's Committee and Education Department of Thuong Tin District to consider and solve a specific work as follows: My son is a grandchild … currently studying in 9B class at the Secondary School by Ms. L.K. Chairman …

Q. Teacher arrested my child and some of them had to kneel in class. Together with him, he asked the class leader to make a record, but my son did not accept the punishment of Ms. K. Because he thought that in education, the pedagogical environment did not have that kind of punishment.. "Part of the content of the petition was posted.

About the above incident, on the morning of May 11, exchange with reporters PeopleMr. Kue Xuan Duong vice-chancellor of the secondary school (Thuong Teen District, Hanoi) said that as soon as the incident happened, some of the students were included in the petition sent home. Go to school to work.

"We have now passed verification and have had no recent conclusions. Also yesterday, May 10, the school, and home-teacher, returned to the family of male students at work.

Through initial work, the family is also annoyed but later when spoken, the family gradually understood the problem and no longer annoyed and uneasy.

Today, Ms. Kew is still going to normal classes, "Mr. Duong said.

Tran Thanh

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