Congress will vote with two important resolutions

Also, in accordance with the work program on 12 November, Members of the group will discuss: the Tax Administration of the Law on the Law (revised); Bill amending and supplementing certain articles of the Public Investment Act. Project for the implementation of criminal law (amendment) and the law on the prevention and suppression of alcohol and beer.

In accordance with the Law on the Prevention of Alcohol and Alcohol, at the sixth session of the XIV National Assembly, it will discuss and comment on one of the six laws. The bill contained 7 chapters and 38 articles. The law regulates only alcohol and beer, since these are the two most common alcoholic beverages, accounting for around 99.7% of the market share in Vietnam, and the main adverse effects of these two types of products are in line with reality. and current management skills. This is the first congress to comment on this account.

Prior to this, on 9 November, when commenting on a draft law on the alignment of alcohol and beer, MEPs agreed with the need to declare laws, especially at a time when the actual use of alcohol is a high, rapidly growing and worrying issue. Therefore, the development of this law will contribute to socio-economic development, protect human health, reduce adverse effects of alcohol abuse in life, for example, affecting safety. traffic and social evil.

However, the opinions also said that the use of alcohol, beer is not completely harmful. The proper use of alcohol and beer also has some health benefits. In addition, the production and trade in alcoholic drinks accounted for more than 50 billion trillion dollars in the national budget, representing 1.7% of GDP. Therefore, the draft law on the prevention and combating of alcoholic beverages and beers should harmonize the positive effects and the weak aspects of this industry.

Many Members agree with the name of the bill "The Law on the Prevention and Damage of Alcohol and Beer". In addition, there are some ideas that the name of the law should be "the law on the prevention of harmful effects of alcohol abuse" or "the law on the prevention and harmful abuse of alcohol". Another idea is that there should be a policy to increase taxes on alcoholic products, strictly controlling the production and consumption of alcoholic products originating from alcohol.

Most participants said that the announcement of a law on the prevention and fight against alcohol in the current context is essential for institutionalizing the views and policies of the party on the protection, care and improvement of health. healthy people.

According to the Minister of Health, Vietnam is the leading consumer of beer, spirits and beer and alcohol diseases, and the impact of alcohol on road accidents is alarming. Meanwhile, people's income is low. Although there are many questions about the bill, the Ministry of Health will adjust the Congress to adopt a law as soon as possible, aimed at preventing the harmful effects of alcohol and beer.

In the corridor of the National Assembly, the report Health and Life noted some remarks by Members on the Law on the Prevention of Alcohol and Beer Alcohol Abuse.

Member of the National Assembly Nguyen Anh Tri.

Member of the National Assembly Nguyen Anh Tri.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tri (Hanoi): "Enforcement of this Act is necessary"

I appreciate the efforts and dedication of the Ministry of Health in drafting the law. The Ministry of Health is responsible for human health. The announcement of this law is necessary because alcohol has caused a lot of harm in the life of health and social morality over the last decade … Therefore, it is necessary to create a law to develop policies to reduce the consequences of alcohol consumption, to contribute to the protection and improvement of human health. At the same time, address the shortcomings and gaps in the current law on the prevention of alcohol and beer.

Ms. Nguyen Tao.

Ms. Nguyen Tao.

Nguyen Dao (Lam Dong): "There should be control mechanisms, sanctions"

It is very disturbing to me that today mountain people of the ethnic minority of traditional hand-made alcoholic beverages are quite popular, the lack of government management. Therefore, we have announced the Law on the Prevention and Suppression of Hormones of Alcohol and Beer. It also required a mechanism of control and sanctions for organizations and individuals for the production of beer, alcohol and consumption in violation of regulations. In addition, we must have standards for the production process as well as food safety and the prescribed requirements to ensure the development of production and operations in the manufacturing industry, but we still ensure public health.

Member of the National Assembly Nguyen Quang Tuan.

Member of the National Assembly Nguyen Quang Tuan.

Nguyen Quang Tuan (Hanoi): "The need to reconcile health benefits and economic benefits"

According to the research statistics of organizations around the world, if we reduce one dollar to alcohol revenue or spend one dollar to prevent the harmful effects of alcohol, we will be beneficial. , 3 dong from the reduction of fees for treating complications, harmful diseases caused by alcohol. Therefore, the comparison of economic benefits, benefits to health and social benefits should be based on a sustainable development perspective, i.e. Co-ordination of benefits for health and economic benefits in which health benefits should play a fundamental role.

Tran Lam

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