Buy 18 million lock boxes, stunning when the value is inside


Wednesday, November 14, 2016 16:00 (GMT + 7)

A man buys a $ 800 locker (about 18 million) and has a "life" finding when he finds something inside.

After a day, there is a man called Michael de Haas, a YouTube Pirates Auction Pirates account. This man who bought the boxes was not locked in the hope that he would find the value.

Little time Michael opened the coffin and did not gather any value. However, there is a completely different chest from all others.

Michael fell $ 800 to buy this coffin and opened the box with you without knowing what was inside. Michael uses a breaker to break the lock and open the box.

Inside reveals that both are surprised. This is not just a document page, it is also filled with notes of 20 and 50 US dollars. The total value that Michael and you count is $ 26,420 (more than 600 million).

"It's my first attempt, I'm glad I'm wrong," Michael said on his personal YouTube channel.

"That money will help me cover my store and buy a car," Michael said.

USA: Purchase 18 million containers that are shocked to see the value inside - 1

Michael uses a box unlocker to open the box.

The video was filmed in 2012, but the heat returned when it was posted on Facebook. The original video attracted nearly 5 million views.

Many people think that Michael is very happy, but he also pointed to the owner's ability to actually return to his chest.

One video viewer said: "I'm sorry who owns the box."

Others commented: "Wait until they get out of prison and come back for money."

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