Barca: The giant is depressed because of Messi

Barcelona is like a sick body, only the body that seems to be the most powerful is the most harmful part.

The 2020/21 season drifts away in tragedy for Barca. Maybe the Champions League brings a little excitement, but the most prestigious tournament of Europe is in the group stage. In addition, the performance in a league was stable, and the performance of teachers and students Ronald Koeman was extremely bad.

After 8 appearances, teachers and students Ronald Koeman won the number of defeats (3 matches) and 2 draws, a sad balance for the team as the leading candidate for the championship. The result pushed Barca down to the 10th place on the ranking with only 11 points, 9 points behind the top team, the worst start in the last 25 years of the Catalan giants.

It is worth mentioning that Barca is far behind the top of the table not only because of the results. The way Koeman teachers and students got lost in the Wanda Metropolitano says too many things. For a well-known prey opponent, Barca is only a shadow, no longer controlling the overwhelming ball, while Simeone teachers and students are no longer just stalking to counterattack, but also something overwhelming.

If for example Barca is a giant, the giant body of this giant is increasingly wild and desolate because of countless serious diseases. To that extent, the Nou Camp team no longer has a legitimate leadership team after President Bartomeu resigned. In other words, Barca is an anarchist army.

On the pitch, one star missing (Griezmann), another star disappears (Messi), a rising star disappears due to injury (Ansu Fati) Busquets-Pique-Sergi Roberto) have both been injured. Such a withered squad, the non-depleted Catalan giant is a strange story.

If you go deeper into the problem of Barca, if the superstructure crisis is away from the height, is determined by the weakness in the ability to manage, manage and build a long-term development strategy of the top division. What is the reason why Barca down in the pitch?

It's hard to get messy but catching from Barca is easy because you just need to catch Messi

Perhaps it’s time for Barca to see the truth of Messi’s greatness. This is the package that makes Barca’s leadership and coaching staff confused and dare not reach. Messi feels that he is bigger than the Nou Camp, that if he leaves, the bridge becomes empty and the team becomes bored.

So, the Barca presidents tried to pamper La Pulga by breaking all the rules and restrictions for salary. BLD Barca did not dare to shake his head with the claim of Cristiano Ronaldo as President Florentino Perez, or refused to be greedy of David Alaba of Bayern Munich.

In the short term, these decisions cause heavy losses, but the struggles of Real in the last 1-2 years are evident. But in the medium and long term, the “cruel” decisions, because of the convergence of that patience and enthusiasm, help the team to keep stable institutions and structures for a long time.

After all, football is a team sport, Man City, Liverpool or Bayern Munich do not need Messi or Ronaldo to become the dominant player. If we go deeper into the professional side on the pitch, when Messi is on the pitch, Koeman or his predecessors must pass the ball through him in every attack.

So to Barca is the … easiest job for the coaches because their only job is to find a way to block Messi. The day Messi fell like at the Wanda Metropolitano last night, the task was even simpler. And the frequency of the decline of La Pulga is increasingly dense when the pressure makes him tired and dazed.

When the problem is reversed, Messi’s greatness makes the coaches not brave enough to get rid of the tired legs of the Argentine superstar to build a new choir at the Nou Camp. From the silence to the frown, Barca are increasingly depressed to Messi.

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