A Bao Lok TC officer was beaten right in the office to be hospitalized


Saturday, May 11, 2015 7:45 am (GMT + 7)

Installed directly in the office, 1 officer from Bao Lok City Land Registration Office (lamb dong) was hospitalized for emergency due to an eye injury.

On 10-5, Bao Lok City police (Lamb Dong) said that the unit is conducting verification, clarifying the case of 1 officer from the Land Register Office in this city being assaulted right in the headquarters of Bao Dynasty City Commission. Look, must be hospital in an emergency.

Initial information, about 14:00 on May 8, Mr. Neue Chi Kong, worked in a Notary office at Bao Lok City to the land registration office of Bao Lok City branch to receive the order number. Transaction settlement records.

A Bao Lok TC officer was beaten right in the office to be hospitalized - 1

Office register the country of Bao Lok City branch where Mr. Nam was assaulted

During the marketing of this file, when it was three of the staff here, it was announced three times but Mr. Nguyen Kai Kong was not present. About 16 hours the same day, Mr. Nguyen Chi Kong returned to the Land Registered Office when it was loudly told by Mr. Fung Baam, the office officer.

While arguing, Mr. Kong used his hand to hit the glass door where Mr. Nam worked, but Nam avoided it. After a while, Mr. Nam left his office to speak and was attacked by Nguyen Chi Kong.

According to medical records, Mr. Names is hospital in a head injury emergency and 8 stitches in his left eyelid.

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