70 young people are drug addicts in karaoke bars


70 drug addicts in karaoke bars - 1

70 young people are drug addicts in karaoke bars

On 11/5, exchanging with PV People, representative of Long An Provincial Police said: "Currently, the authorities are regularly declaring the 70 participants to use drugs in Karaoke shops of the Company Limited. Ben Luc Young Music Band (Quarter 2, Ben Luc Town, Ben Luc District) By this, the provincial police will also review all Karaoke bars in the area to ensure safety and ordering ".

Earlier, around 3:30 on May 9, the functional forces of Long a Provincial Police suddenly checked out Ben Loose Young Music Company Limited. In 8 active singing rooms, music is played with 71 participants. Among them, 26 women and 45 men are drunkers using alcohol and stimulants.

The inspection team has made a record of penalties karaoke, which is in excess of the prescribed period. At the same time, in the karaoke room, the authorities seized many bags of white powder and many drug use tools. 71 guests were invited to work.

Through the rapid examination of the authorities, there are 70/71 positive subjects for ketamine substances. Many people are temporarily detained for investigation.

Meanwhile, the case has been invested and clarified.

Xuan Hai

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