20 years ago, because of this man that Zhao Wei decided to refuse the feeling of Huang Xiaoming

Zhao Wei was born in a good family in Anhui, China. From a young age, the girl with large round eyes sparkling Zhao Wei turned out to be very bold and strong.

Žao's father is a senior engineer and his mom is a vocal trainer. On Zhao Wei's brother is very much in favor of his sister.

He graduated from high school, Zhao Wei passed a school for teachers at the Wuhu City Teacher Training College. The previous relationship led Trieu You to turn his life into the role of a film crew in Wuhu to find a supporting player. After his first supporting role in his life, Zhao decided to apply for the Shanghai Drama Academy, also known as the Shanghai Academy of Drama.

20 years ago, because of this person whom the Trieu you choose to refuse the feeling of Huynh Xiaoming - Photo 1.

After many people, while studying at the Shanghai Drama Academy, Zhao Wei fell in love with his older brother. In 2013, Zhao Wei revealed this love after the debut debut of the young.

Accordingly, Zhao Wei met this first man in a school canteen. While studying at the Shanghai Drama School, Zhao Wei studied at school in parallel, so the time was very time-out. Therefore, Zhao Wei often appears at home, eat very late. Every time he appears, he sees the boy and finds him watching.

Since then, Zhao Wei began to observe and decided to ask his friends about this person. For some reason, Zhao Wei's attention to a man on a lock began to spread in school.

20 years ago, because of this person whom you decided Trieu to refuse the feeling of Huynh Xiaoming - Photo 2.

One day, this person is actively trying to meet Zhao Wei, introduced the name Pham Triet and said that he also has a sister with large eyes, who first met Zhao with her.

Since then, Trieu Vy and Pham have become intimate. Pham Triet often helps her, takes her out, goes to school, always on the side. Special treatment Pham Triet has made the heart of a 19-year-old girl feel emotion and love is not good.

Zhao Wei is convinced that this is the first love of his life. One day, Trieu borrowed the recognition of alcoholic beverages, so Pham Triet, who was very confused, did not know how to answer. The re-healing Pham Triet again caused Trieu to be unreasonable.

Twelve years ago, because of this man Zhao, you decided to refuse the feeling of Huang Xiaominga - Photo 3.

During the last year, Zhao Wei at the Drama School decided to ask Pham Triet to return to her hometown of Anhui to celebrate Tet. Recognition of the seriousness of Zhao Wei, Pham Triet understands that this can not be long.

At the time, Pham Triet was on the list of exchange students with the University of America. After days of thinking, Pham Triet decided to go. Because he did not want to harm Zhao Wei, he did not dare to speak straight. In March 1996, Pham Triet went to China to study in the United States and sent a refusal letter to Zhao Wei.

He will always protect the love of Zhao Wei as a sister and hope later he will have a good guy who loves her for life. In his letter, Pham Triet reminded Trieu you that he believed he would be a good player and try to continue his dream.

Twelve years ago, because of this man Zhao, you decided to refuse the feeling of Huang Xiaominga - Photo 4.

In April 1996, 1 ​​month after his departure for study abroad, Zhao is registered for the Beijing Film Academy and the Chinese Academy of Drama. In May 1996, after completing the TV drama "Sisters in Beijing", she returned to Wuhu to cross culture. In September 1996 she passed an exam at the Film Academy in Beijing, acting school. And here too, Zhao Wei met friends who later accompanied their young men are Huang Xiaoming and Chen Kun.

Talking about the first meeting with Zhao Wei, Huang Xiaoming said:The first day I went to the Academy was the first girl I saw, Zhao Wei. She was dressed in a simple black dress, and her hair was far in the waist. He turned to see her face. At that time, I only have a thought: the fairies are nice to give it.

20 years ago, because of this man that Zhao Wei decided to refuse the feeling of Huang Xiaoming - Photo 5.

After two years of unilateral love, Huynh Xiao Ming decided to recognize the true birthday of Trieste Vy. At that time, you do not have any real estate near Trieu, but remembered in the memory of Pham Triet, more than just wanting to focus on all the work, uninterrupted effort. As a simple girl, Zhao Wei refused Huang Xiaoming and said, "I have a boyfriend."

Later, through Chen Kun, Huang Xiaoming understand the problems in Zhao Wei. That is why Huynh Xiaoming decided to protect Zhao Wei quietly in the same relationship, and waited for the day she turned to go back. Unfortunately, the charm of Huynh Xiaoming and Zhao Wei stopped at two friends. When the Pham Triet's painting returns, the choice is Zhao You are not Huang Xiaoming.

It turned out that it is not so early in this life that you came, or how late it is simply not the one you love.

Twelve years ago, Zhao Wei decided to refuse the feeling of Huang Xiaoming - Photo 6.

You once revealed the trio once the famous star had the opportunity to meet again Pham Triet said: "In the end, when do I like it or not? This gentleman replied frankly:" Sorry, Mali Vy (my name is Trieu is you at school) , when I really did not have any feelings. "

In the past years, you also expressed your heart to Trieu, even when it was a quiet room. Trieu, you acknowledged the acknowledgment, the film Send young is what she nurtured for many years and used it as a thank you to young people.

Twelve years ago, because of this man Zhao, you decided to refuse the feeling of Huynh Xiaoming - Photo 7.

Every spring is unique. Happiness is when things are over, so no need to worry anymore. Thank you for your youth, your wish is still as bright as ever, bright, happy, innocent, beautiful "- Huynh Xiaoming

After the success of the film, Zhao also shared the deep emotions of his youth, a love story and an experience of irrational love and a boy older than he was.

Zhao Wei received her first love "not normal": "I do not have the first love, but only unmentioned love, it must be 3-4 years, a very talented person."

Reflecting on ineffective love in old times, Zhao Wei does not regret this month, although her emotions were not answered. Thanks to his encouragement, Trieu worked hard to continue playing career to become the nicest girl in the eyes of the fans.

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