Wuilker Fariñez is turning into the orbit of Barcelona


Dropping | CARACAS.- Wuilker Fariñez Has shown excellent performance with his team Millionaires of Colombia Over the current season, sporting unbeatable cadbags at top moments for his club, which are ultimately worth the club's leadership. Eagle League.

The excellent performances have become a series of speculations about the future of Venezuelanism. The name that makes the most noise in this list of teams intending to take over the services of the Kristolo Guard is that of Barcelona.

According to Colombia, the Vinotino goalkeeper is a club follower since last March, after the triumph of Argentina in the Madrid Metropolitan Wanda, where the Katya has a prominent performance.

Other clubs are also interested in the services of the Fariñez, which stands out, Boka Junkers and Argentina River Plate who have asked for the player in recent months. In the case of River, it could be a good alternative if Armani, who is also on the continent, is testing in Europe.

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